Xamarin.Android 5.1.77

Note:: The Xamarin.Android 5.1.77 series has been superseded by Xamarin.Android 5.1.7, which contains a binding of the final Android M preview, which Google says is final and stable.

THE Xamarin.Android 5.1.77 SERIES IS OBSOLETE

The Xamarin.Android 5.1.77 series contains preview bindings for Android 5.1 and the Android M Developer Preview.

Note: Xamarin.Android 5.1.77 requires JDK 1.7. JDK 1.6 may be used when targeting API-19 and lower.

In order to deploy to an Android MNC device and use Android MNC APIs, Properties\AndroidManifest.xml must be updated to set the android:minSdkVersion and android:minSdkVersion values to MNC:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="MNC" android:targetSdkVersion="MNC" />

There is currently no IDE support for setting this; it may be provided in a future IDE release.

Note: Xamarin.Android 5.1.77 will never be a stable release, so don't wait for it. I have little faith that there won't be API changes to API-M before it becomes stable...whenever it becomes stable...

The v5.2 target framework API is unstable, and will change until API-M becomes a properly stable API-23.

Xamarin.Android 5.1.77-8

Xamarin.Android 5.1.77-8 updates the bindings to use Android M Developer Preview 2.

Xamarin.Android 5.1.77-0

Xamarin.Android 5.1.77-0 is based on Xamarin.Android 5.1.4, and binds Android M Developer Preview 1

New Features

  • Preview support for Android 5.1 by setting $(TargetFrameworkVersion) to v5.1.
  • Preview support for Android M Developer Preview by setting $(TargetFrameworkVersion) to v5.2 and updating the <uses-sdk/> value.

API Changes

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.