Namespace Android.AccessibilityServices

Type Changed: Android.AccessibilityServices.AccessibilityServiceInfo

Added method:

    public static string FeedbackTypeToString (FeedbackFlags feedbackType);

Namespace Android.Net.Wifi.P2p

Type Changed: Android.Net.Wifi.P2p.WifiP2pManager

Added method:

    public virtual void SetServiceResponseListener (WifiP2pManager.Channel c, WifiP2pManager.IServiceResponseListener listener);

New Type Android.Net.Wifi.P2p.IServiceResponseListener

public interface IServiceResponseListener : Android.Runtime.IJavaObject, System.IDisposable {
    // methods
    public virtual void OnServiceAvailable (Nsd.ServiceType protocolType, byte[] responseData, WifiP2pDevice srcDevice);

New Type Android.Net.Wifi.P2p.ServiceResponseEventArgs

public class ServiceResponseEventArgs : System.EventArgs {
    // constructors
    public WifiP2pManager (Nsd.ServiceType protocolType, byte[] responseData, WifiP2pDevice srcDevice);
    // properties
    public Nsd.ServiceType ProtocolType { get; }
    public byte[] ResponseData { get; }
    public WifiP2pDevice SrcDevice { get; }

Namespace Android.Net.Wifi.P2p.Nsd

Type Changed: Android.Net.Wifi.P2p.Nsd.WifiP2pServiceInfo

Obsoleted fields:

[Obsolete (]
    public static const ServiceType ServiceTypeAll;
    [Obsolete (]
    public static const ServiceType ServiceTypeBonjour;
    [Obsolete (]
    public static const ServiceType ServiceTypeUpnp;
    [Obsolete (]
    public static const ServiceType ServiceTypeVendorSpecific;

Modified fields:

public const int ServiceType ServiceTypeAll = 0;
    public const int ServiceType ServiceTypeBonjour = 1;
    public const int ServiceType ServiceTypeUpnp = 2;
    public const int ServiceType ServiceTypeVendorSpecific = 255;

Type Changed: Android.Net.Wifi.P2p.Nsd.WifiP2pServiceRequest

Added methods:

    public static WifiP2pServiceRequest NewInstance (ServiceType protocolType);
    public static WifiP2pServiceRequest NewInstance (ServiceType protocolType, string queryData);

New Type Android.Net.Wifi.P2p.Nsd.ServiceType

public enum ServiceType {
    All = 0,
    Bonjour = 1,
    Upnp = 2,
    VendorSpecific = 255,

Namespace Android.Service.Voice

New Type Android.Service.Voice.RecognitionMode

public enum RecognitionMode {
    None = 0,

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