Workbooks & Inspector Preview 0.9.0

This update brings minor changes to the .workbook file format, improves the Workbook editing experience on Windows, and addresses various issues from 0.8.1.

It also brings a more clear split between the Workbooks client and the Inspector client, including some new branding.

Feedback in the forums has been invaluable, and please keep filing bugs too!


  • Code cells now feature a run button below the cell editor.
  • The .workbook file format has changed slightly. The metadata at the top of each file is now familiar YAML Front Matter instead of obnoxious JSON. The old format is still supported and will migrate to the new one on save.
  • Workbooks and Inspector clients are now separate apps with distinct branding.
  • Workbooks markdown can now reference images and other files relative to the .workbook file.
  • iOS workbooks and app inspection now expose the RootViewController convenience API.
  • Android workbooks on Windows will now do a better job of creating firewall exceptions needed in order to connect to the app in the emulator.
  • provides guidance for some common problems.


  • The Windows client now looks amazing on HiDPI screens.
  • Improved execution keyboard shortcuts
    • Cmd/Ctrl+Return executes the current code cell.
    • Shift+Return always inserts a new line.
    • Cmd/Ctrl+R executes the entire workbook from top to bottom ("Run All").
    • More details are available in our documentation.
  • Markdown editing on Windows is much improved.
  • Windows clients now remember preferred font size.


  • #41707: inline images in markdown now load on Mac over HTTP
  • Fixed error in VS extension when opening a solution with unsupported project types.
  • Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down in a code cell now move to the beginning or end of the cell, respectively, on Windows.


  • NuGet Limitations
    • Android Workbooks are not yet supported.
    • iOS Workbooks on Windows are not yet supported.
    • Native libraries are not yet supported.
    • Packages which depend on .target files or PowerShell scripts will likely fail to work as expected.
    • To remove or modify a package dependency, edit the workbook's manifest with a text editor. Proper package management is on the way.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.