MonoTouch 1.4.4

New APIs:

  • Expose CGFont.CreateWithFontName (string name)

  • CGImage.ScreenImage () fixes 566901

  • NSDateFormatter, NSFormatter.

  • AudioSession bindings.

  • Audio Offline Render


  • Strongly typed AudioBasicStreamDescription

  • MKMapView now has C# style events.

  • UIView.BackgroundColor can be assigned the null value

  • UIImageView.Image can be assigned a null value

  • Linker automatically detects more cases in which the crypto APIs are required (other Web API entry points).


  • Fixed debugger deadlock caused when thread interrupted while holding the malloc/free lock

  • Fixed binding for UITabBarController.CustomizableViewControllers to deal with

  • UIViewControllers instead of UINavigationViewControllers, fixes bug reported by Manni.

  • Fixed #562094 - Dispose crash on AVAudioRecorder

  • Fixed #567351 - Cannot set nullable properties via reflections

  • Fixed #567455 - Cannot start new NSThread

  • Fixed typo in UIAlertView.FirstButtonInder -> FirstButtonIndex

  • Fixed wake up WWAN bug.

  • Fixed NSNetServiceBrowser binding.

  • Fix deregistration of listeners in AudioQueue (they were always kept around, unless manually removed).

  • Fixed #554744 - Cannot make custom CALayer

  • Fixed unicode usages of NSString

API Breaking Changes for 1.4.4

  • bool UINavigationController.SetToolbarHidden(bool,bool) --> void UINavigationController.SetToolbarHidden(bool,bool)

  • bool UISwitch.SetState(bool,bool) --> void UISwitch.SetState(bool,bool)

  • bool UIViewController.SetEditing(bool,bool) --> void UIViewController.SetEditing(bool,bool)

Xamarin Workbook

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