MonoTouch 1.4.6


New APIs:

  • Added NSIndexSet

  • Added NSHttpCookie

  • Added NSHttpCookieStorage

  • Added NSMutableDictionary

  • NSDictionary now has constructors in addition to factory methods.

  • CLLocation constants for accuracy.

  • Added factory overloads for NSIndexPath (Create (int []) and Create (uint []).

  • Added Runtime.StartWWAN (Uri uri) API for developers to explicitly awake the WWAN

API fixes:

  • UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewSource's AccessoryForRow and EditingStyleForRow return types are now enums instead of integer values.

  • AVAudioRecorder and AVAudioSession APIs exposed a few entrypoints that returned errors, but we were discarding them.

  • AVAudioRecorder now must be created with the factory method ToUrl

  • Fixed Full AOT compiler to handle Marshalling structs with enums.

  • Fixed FromObjectsAndKeys method (it never worked).

  • Fixed UITableView (Insert|Delete|Reload)Sections to take a NSIndexSet

  • Fixed linker handing of managed resources

  • Fixed CGImage.ScreenImage binding to return a valid image

  • Fixed WebClient to properly wake up WWAN

  • Fixed memory leak in CGImage

General fixes:

  • The btouch command will now preserve enum return values for method invocations.

Xamarin Workbook

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