MonoTouch 1.5


New features in this release:

API Additions:

  • UIImagePickerController.AvailableMediaTypes

  • Added NSData.AsStream

  • Removed NSUrlAuthenticationChallengeSender

  • Added NSUrlAuthenticationChallengeSender protocol to NSUrlConnection

  • NSString methods to measure strings with a UIFont.

  • Added DataDetectorTypes property to UITextView

Size reductions:

  • Smaller executables: - Small executables 250k to 500k
  • Some users are reporting 1.3 meg savings

  • Reduced the size of libmono.a in every application.

  • Greatly improved the linker result when linking monotouch.dll
  • Reduced memory usage for every type.


  • Reduced the time it takes to start the runtime by 10-15%.
  • Reduced the time it takes to build simulator builds when not linking significantly.
  • Reduced the time project builds take by 3-5 seconds.
  • Multiple other optimizations thru the entire engine.


  • Fixed #573750: Running on device with the registrar and external bindings causes a crash
  • Fixed #577754: UIVideoEditorController should inherit from UIViewController
  • Fixed #579844 - Fixed crash using UIVideo.IsCompatibleWithSavedPhotosAlbum
  • Fixed #564301 - CALayerDelegate locks up the simulator
  • Fixed #579997 - NSHTTPCookie.Name is missing
  • Fixed #574235 - Various values not accepting null
  • Fixed #579292 - Mono.Data.Sqlite crashes when using DataAdapters
  • Fixed #578150 - Add binding for NSProcessInfo
  • Fixed #555952 - Mono.Data.Sqlite doesn't work on leopard
  • Fixed #580277 - UISearchDisplayController should accept a UITableViewSource
  • Fixed #562052 - UITableViewSource does not inherit from UIScrollViewDelegate
  • Fixed #579373 - Can't set FillMode property on CAAnimation
  • Fixed #553783 - Full-AOT issues with DateTime / TimeSpan / Guid
  • Fixed #558604 - CultureInfo.CurrentCulture does not return the correct culture of the device
  • Fixed #581666 - Crash with UIAlertView in latest beta 1.4.100
  • Fixed #560243 - Application crashes on device when compiled with MonoTouch
  • Fixed #579899 - mtouch error when inheriting from a ViewCOntroller in a library
  • Fixed #553637 - Breakpoints cause app to crash while running in simulator for active OpenGL apps
  • Fixed #584278 - Crash in Video Media Player Example

  • Fixed #548988 - Cannot bind Web Service Type from return XML on Monotouch

  • Fixed #584888 - Linked away error in Stream.Read
  • Fixed regression in btouch leading to uncompilable bindings
  • Fixed crash using UISaveVideoAtPathToSavedPhotosAlbum
  • Fixed crash trying to use the simulator on Leopard
  • Fixed ArgumentException thrown by ABPerson.Get*() if the native data is null
  • Fixed need to use ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback to access HTTPS sites.
  • Fixed a linker issue with XmlArrayItemAttribute on fields with -linksdkonly
  • Fixed case where the linker was improperly removing attributes from SOAP requests in some cases
  • Fixed the AVAudioPlayer.FromData methods to be static.
  • Fixed crash disposing UIWebView from the wrong thread.
  • Fixed a possible leak when assigning user types to certain properties
  • Fixes a registrar bug improperly registering methods
  • Fixed the case where UIBarButtonItem managed proxy could be leaked cause callbacks to fail

Xamarin Workbook

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