MonoTouch 3.0.8


MonoTouch 3.0.8 introduced support for Apple's iPhone 4 SDK and supports the following platforms:

  • iOS 4 (iPhone and iPod devices)
  • iPhoneOS 3.2 (iPad)
  • iPhoneOS 3.0 (iPhone and iPod devices).

What is new in this release

A detailed list of API changes from version 2.0 is available for developers to explore what is new in MonoTouch 3.


MonoTouch 3.0 supports all the new APIs to allow your application to multi-task on iOS 4.0. As part of this effort, we introduced bindings to Grand Central Dispatch (see the class MonoTouch.CoreFoundation.Dispatch).

You can build applications that support:

  • Background Audio
  • Voice over IP
  • Background Location
  • Receive push notifications even if your app is sleeping
  • Local notification support, without requiring a server to push the data.
  • "Just one more minute" support, to let your application complete any critical task before it is put in the background.
  • Fast App Switching support.

Multitasking support builds also on top of our new binding to the Blocks API.

Integration Technologies

All of the new iOS =4.0 "Integration Technologies" features introduced by Apple are supported in this edition of MonoTouch.

Location Notifications

Local notifications, provided by the MonoTouch.UIKit.UILocalNotification, for more information see the Local and Push Notifications Guide.


EventKit framework, gives you access to the device calendar (MonoTouch.EventKit).


CoreMotion gives you access to the gyroscope and accelerometer (MonoTouch.CoreMotion).


CoreTelephony gives you access to information about your cell provider (MonoTouch.CoreTelephony).

Apple iAd

iAd allows developers to integrate advertisements into their applications (MonoTouch.iAd)

Graphics and Multimedia

High Resolution APIs

Support for iPhone 4's Retina Display is accomplished through various extensions to the UIKit and CoreAnimation APIs. These new APIs are also exposed to MonoTouch developers (MonoTouch.UIKit.UIScreen.Scale, MonoTouch.UIKit.UIImage.CurrentScale, MonoTouch.UIKit.UIView.ContentScaleFactor).

Quick Look Framework

This new API has been bound allowing your application to preview the contents of foreign file formats. The APIs are available in MonoTouch.QuickLook.


The AVFoundation framework gives developers more fine grainer control over music and video playback and with iOS 4.0 it got a significant boost in terms of functionality. The new classes are available under MonoTouch.AVFoundation.

These are some of the new additions:

  • Media asset management
  • Movie capture
  • Movie playback
  • Track management
  • Metadata management for media items
  • Stereo panning
  • Precise audio sync between sounds
  • APIs to query details about the media files including data format, sample rate and channels

Core Services

Transparent access to the Blocks API

For those familiar with both Objective-C and C# we mapped C# delegates and lambdas into Objective-C blocks, so all the new blocks-based API is available to developers. Developers in C# can continue to use lambda functions as well as anonymous methods, and those will be transparently exposed to Objective-C as Objective-C blocks.

Grand Central Dispatch

This task queue management system is used in iPhone OS and MonoTouch now exposes these APIs for application developers to use.

Accelerate Framework

This API is a flat C API and is only available to developers by manually using P/Invoke to call into these routines. No object-oriented binding has been provided for it.

UIKit and UI Improvements

All of the improvements that Apple introduced in iOS 4.0 for UIKit are exposed in MonoTouch 3.0, this includes the new multi-tasking methods in UIApplicationDelegate as well as its support for scheduling local notifications.

Multithreading improvements

In iOS4 it is possible to use a graphics context (MonoTouch.CoreGraphics.CGContext) in a multi-threaded application. Access to UIImage, UIColor and UIFont is now also thread safe.

Block Animations

The new Block-animation APIs in UIView which provide various callbacks for custom animations are exposed in the API. Blocks in the UIView are merely C# instances of NSAction, so you can just use delegates, anonymous methods or lambda functions as your block values.

Font Smoothing Support

CoreGraphics now supports fine grained control of font smoothing in MonoTouch.CoreGraphics.CGContext.


The new MFMessageComposeViewController now supports a compositing tool for SMS messages without leaving your application.


Map overlays and draggable map annotations are now supported.

Foundation Bindings

Many new Foundation APIs were introduced with iOS 4.0, these have been bound, and the most interesting include:

  • NSDateComponents
  • NSBlockOperation that allows adding lambdas/delegates to operation queues
  • NSCache
  • All new features from CoreLocation (MonoTouch.CoreLocation)


All the new APIs from GameKit (MonoTouch.GameKit) have been added.

Xamarin Workbook

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