The MonoTouch was the first release of MonoTouch done by Xamarin. This release included the following changes:

  • Exceptions raised in callbacks that were not properly handled or caught by a global handler would silently terminate the application, without any indication of the problem.
  • Fixed a problem that would randomly crash OpenGL applications on the simulator.
  • Some invalid signatures for GameKit APIs have been fixed.
  • Fixed some bugs that would make mtouch abort with the message “mtouch exited with code 1″ on multi-core CPUs.
  • Fixes Lion activation problems.

We’ve also included a couple of new features for our users:

  • System.IO.IsolatedStorage is now available to MonoTouch users, making it easier to share code with Windows Phone 7.
  • MonoTouch will now warn users if they use debug and LLVM at the same time.

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