MonoTouch 4.9


MonoTouch 4.9 is the series of releases that will culminate with MonoTouch 5.0.

The 4.9.x series is tracking iOS 5. At the time of this writing, the API has been updated to iOS 5 Beta 7 and contains all the new features from MonoTouch 4.2, including USB debugging, the updated linker and better GC handling.

This release is available from the Beta Channel in MonoDevelop.


4.9.8: our fifth iOS5 Beta release

  • New APIs bound
  • Fixed linker issues

4.9.6: our fourth iOS5 Beta release

  • Documentation updated to the latest API
  • CoreImage API Updated and Fixed
  • Fixes from API review

4.9.5: our third iOS5 Beta release

4.9.4: our second iOS5 Beta release

4.9.3: our first iOS5 Beta release

4.9.2: our second iOS5 Alpha release

4.9.0: our first iOS5 Alpha release

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