MonoTouch 5.2-Beta


MonoTouch 5.2.6

This was a beta release.

New Features

  • MonoTouch.Dialog now ships with JsonElement to create user interfaces from Json data
  • Some ViewControlles now implement the UIAppearance protocol, this was previously missing: ABPeoplePickerNavigationController, EKEventEditViewController, GKLeaderboardViewController, GKAchievementViewController, GKFriendRequestComposeViewController, GKTurnBasedMatchmakerViewController, MFMailComposeViewController and MFMessageComposeViewController ( 3226 )
  • Better error reporting from the [LinkWith] attribute, it now issues warnings/errors if no matching architecture is available on the embedded package. ( 3597 )
  • Added .NET-style APIs to create NSHttpCookies instead of requiring NSDictionary APIs ( 3603 )

Bug Fixes:

  • 3189 , 3489 : Fix (again) references to modal views
  • 3357 : Stack traces contain numbers, even when not running in debug mode
  • 3579 : Can't set CAShapeLayer Color and Path properties to null

Other Changes

  • Fix API signature for ArchiveRootObjectToFile
  • Look for strip and dsymutil in more places for people who installed Xcode 4.3 without the "Command-Line Tools";
  • Link all default type converters when System.Component.TypeDescriptor is used.

Detailed API changes

MonoTouch 5.2.7

MonoTouch 5.2.7 is currently available in the Beta channel

New features

  • Introduces support for iOS 5.1 APIs
  • Introduces support for the new "Skip backup" flag on documents on iOS 5.1 ( NSFileManager.SetSkipBackupAttribute ).
  • Introduces strongly typed UIImagePickerMediaPickedEventArgs method accessors for easily picking media selected, media types and any user-edited media.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes CIVector constructor when passing array of floats
  • Add supports for more cases of LINQ's FirstOrDefault #3710 .
  • Improves AOT support for some generic uses #3285 .
  • Allow null to be passed to various CGImageSource APIs 3717
  • Avoids keeping a reference when accessing UIGestureRecognizer.View #3359
  • Add new Animation/Transition overloads that were removed in the 5.2.6 beta.

Detailed API changes

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