Pre 1.0

MonoTouch Release Notes:

1.0 Rc2

Fixes in RC2

  • In very specific cases, wrappers could be shared improperly between methods leading to a crash.

1.0 Rc

Additions in RC

  • Added System.Json
  • Added Mono.Security for HTTPS and NTLM
  • Added MonoTouch.Foundation.PreserveAttribute to preserve members from the linker
  • Added NSObject.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(Selector,NSObject), NSObject.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(NSAction) for the non-waiting behavior of -[NSObject performSelectorOnMainThread:withObject:waitUntilDone] (i.e. when waitUntilDone=NO)
  • Added CGImage.WithMaskingColors (float [])
  • Added static NSObject.Alloc (Class)
  • Added MediaPlayer binding
  • Added DrawString overloads for UIView
  • Added NSUrlMutableRequest binding
  • Added encoding operations to convert strings to NSData
  • Added NSData to string conversion routines
  • Added NSUrlConnection.SendSynchronousRequest
  • Added NSUrlRequest indexer to retrieve Header values

Fixes in RC

  • Fixed crash when using -linksdkonly
  • Fixed SpecialFolders.MyDocuments to point to the sandbox/Documents
  • Fixed System.IO.Compression
  • Fixed MapKit binding to allow interchangable use of MKAnnotation and MKPlacemark
  • Fixed NSBundle.LoadNib to property return an NSArray
  • Fixed Serialization of value type properties
  • Fixed invalid GCHandle storage of deleted objects
  • Fixed alignment error when throwing exceptions in the simulator
  • Fixed static generic context trampoline to not clobber $r1

Removals in RC

  • Removed NSObject.InvokeOnMainThread (Selector, NSObject, bool)

Changes in RC

  • Renamed static CGImage.Copy (CGImage) to instance CGImage.Clone ()
  • Renamed instance CGImage.Copy (CGImage, CGColorSpace) to instance CGImage.WithColorSpace (CGColorSpace)
  • Renamed static CGImage.FromImageInReck (CGImage, RectangleF) to instance CGImage.WithImageInRect (RectangleF)
  • Renamed static CGImage.FromImageMask (CGImage, CGImage) to instance CGImage.WithMask (CGImage)
  • Renamed URL property to Url on NSUrlRequest

1.0 Beta 8

Additions in Beta 8

  • added -gcc_flags option to mtouch
  • added NSData.Bytes and NSData.Count
  • added full support for decimal types

Fixes in Beta 8

  • fixed a bug when linking assemblies with InternalsVisibleTo attributes
  • fixed bug when pinvoke callbacks were called on an unregistered thread
  • fixed TabBarItem to exist on UIViewController
  • fixed compilation on x86 when -ObjC is used
  • fixed NSBundle.LoadNib binding

Changes in Beta 8

  • removed -lib flag from mtouch (use -gcc_flags)

1.0 Beta 7

Additions in Beta 7

  • Added NSBundle.LoadNib
  • Added NSBundle.PathForImageResource
  • Added NSBundle.PathForSoundResource
  • Added NSData.FromUrl
  • Added UIImage.FromData
  • Added UITabBarController.TabBarItem

Fixes in Beta 7

  • Fixed mtouch invocation of the linker for simulator configurations.
  • Fixed UIActionSheet.WillDismiss event.

Changes in Beta 7

  • Removed the OpenTK.Graphics.ES11.GL.LoadAll() and OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.GL.LoadAll() methods. Now to initialize the GL types you must do one of two things: - Inherit from OpenTK.Platform.iPhoneOS.iPhoneOSGameView, and call either iPhoneOSGameView.CreateFrameBuffer() or iPhoneOSGameView.Run() before using any GL methods.
  • Call OpenTK.Platform.Utilities.CreateGraphicsContext() before making any GL calls.

  • The GLPaint and OpenGLESSample samples have been updated to use Utilities.CreateGraphicsContext() to initialize GL

  • New GLPaint-GV and OpenTLESSample-GV samples have been added to use iPhoneOSGameView for comparison

1.0 Beta 6

Additions in Beta 6

  • added experimental System.Xml support

Fixes in Beta 6

  • fixed long alignment when transitioning to icalls
  • fixed long alignment in managed methods compiled by the cross compiler
  • fixed exception handling when assemblies have been stripped

Changes in Beta 6

  • Updated OpenTK to r2183 (this is a API and ABI change)
  • renamed OpenTK.Graphics.ES11.ES to OpenTK.Graphics.ES11.GL
  • renamed OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.ES to OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.GL

1.0 Beta 5

Additions in Beta 5:

  • added Initial experimental Snow Leopard support.
  • added AVFramework bindings
  • added AddressBook bindings
  • added AddressBookUI bindings
  • added mtouch -lib for linking static native libraries

Fixes in Beta 5:

  • fixed null object marshalling
  • fixed Missing selector exception when using PerformSelector / InvokeOnMainThread
  • fixed Socket problem on device when probing for ipv6 support
  • fixed implicit conversion of null NSStrings
  • fixed UILabel.Text to allow null's
  • fixed mtouch to generate xcodeproj's with the requisite frameworks linked

1.0 Beta 4

Fixes in Beta 4:

  • fixed UIAlertView.Messeget typo
  • fixed crash with HttpWebClient.Credentials in NtlmClient
  • fixed #532128, UIBarButtonItem.Clicked not working in some cases
  • fixed #530963, linking issue with virtual generics methods
  • fixed #531955, full-aot crash when using Dictionary<int,int>
  • fixed #532120, full-aot crash working with String[]

1.0 Beta 3

Additions in Beta 3:

  • added bindings for NSAutoreleasePool
  • add moutch --version command
  • added bindings to StoreKit
  • added bindings to SystemConfiguration
  • Add NSObject.InvokeOnMainThread () bindings.

Fixes in Beta 3:

  • fixed alwaysBounceHorizontal typo
  • fixed #530807 (typo in UITableView)
  • fixed UIView.MovedToSuperview typo
  • fixed alignment of doubles in the cross compiler
  • Improve documentation import run at installation time
  • fixed generic interface thunk code to not clobber IP register
  • fixed LINQ iterators with value types
  • fixed linking of GenericComparer<> (#530961)
  • fixed null argument handling in runtime marshaller
  • fixed stackoverflow in PerformSelector call

1.0 Beta 2

Additions in Beta 2:

  • Added a -linksdkonly parameter to mtouch to link only the sdk and preserve the user assemblies.

Fixes in Beta 2:

  • Microsoft.Win32 namespace was too aggressively linked.
  • HttpRequestCreator and friends (Ftp, File) were missing their constructors.
  • mtouch was not properly reporting missing assemblies.
  • mtouch was not resolving references recursively.
  • mtouch now takes only one assembly, the other have to be specified by -r.
  • Fixed WebRequest authentication.
  • mtouch now signs the SDK assemblies.
  • Fixed a linker bug wrt virtual methods implementing interfaces and override a method defined in a base class.
  • Fixed a linker bg wrt virtual methods implementing generic interfaces.
  • Fixed a mtouch bug where arguments were not properly quoted when aot compiling the assemblies.
  • Fixed -framework linking when using things .
  • Improved imported documentation (properties now imported, etc.).

1.0 Beta 1

Initial Release.

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