Xamarin.iOS 7.0

Xamarin.iOS 7.0

The Xamarin.iOS 7.0.x series introduces support for Apple's iOS 7.0 APIs. This version is based on the final release of Apple's Xcode 5 and includes support for the iOS7 SDK API.

Don't miss the introduction

to iOS7 new features, including the [user interface](/guides/ios/platform_features/ios7_ui)

changes. New documents will guide you to other new features,
including the enhanced [background tasks](/guides/cross-platform/application_fundamentals/backgrounding)

support, while others were [updated](/guides/ios/getting_started/device_provisioning)

to help you move to Xcode5.## New features

iOS7 Support

iOS7 adds many new frameworks for developers, including:- SpriteKit, - MultipeerConnectivity, - GameController - JavaScriptCore, and - SafariServices.

Several other API additions have been made to existing frameworks. For a detailed list of the changes in the API, see our document API changes from 6.4.5 to 7.0.0.

New samples were also added to show you how to use the new features added in this release.### Based on Xamarin.iOS async and Mono 3.2

Xamarin.iOS 7.0 is based on the 6.4 series

and includes Async, 
C# 5 as well as many other features from [Mono 3.2](http://www.mono-project.com/Release_Notes_Mono_3.2)

.### Enhanced protocol support

This release provides enhanced support for better bridging Objective-C protocols in our API and on third party bindings. Several new API are now easier to use since they do not have to expose NSObject

when a protocol is fneeded. They can now expose a strongly typed interface that matches the Objective-C protocol.

See the updated documentation

for details on how this new feature works.### NUnitLite 0.9 support

This version of Xamarin.iOS ships with an updated Touch.Unit based on the NUnitLite 0.9

release. It is backward compatible with earlier versions and support async tests.## Important Notes

Apple iOS7 SDK is available only with Xcode 5 and requires OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 or later (i.e. OS X Lion is not

supported by Xcode 5). Still Xamarin.iOS 7+ can be

used on OS X Lion with an older Xcode (e.g. 4.6) and an older SDK (e.g. iOS 6.1)

Apple has some pending issues for both iOS7

and Xcode5

that you should review. <a name="1"></a>

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.1

7.0.1 is an hotfix for customers experiencing issues with type forwarders, commonly used in PCL assemblies, that results in AOT compile-time errors.

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.2

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.2 is an hotfix which:- removes the "setShowingDeleteConfirmation" private selector from monotouch.dll. - fix a System.Net.Http redirection bug [#14783] - Note: The email and credit card validations inside System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations are not presently working.

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.3

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.3 is a maintenance release. API changes from 7.0.2 to 7.0.3.

New features

  • Includes Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio 1.6 server components
  • Additional AudioUnit bindings
  • Added Accelerate framework bindings for vImage*
  • Added DispatchQueue.DispatchAfter API [#15111]
  • Added NSMutableString to ease binding some native libraries
  • Added AVCaptureDevice HasTorsh and HasFlash properties
  • Added some CoreData missing properties
  • NUnitOutputTextWriter now built-in into MonoTouch.NUnitLite.dll

Bug fixes

  • Fix WindowsIdentity name deserialization [#12789]
  • CTFontCreateUIFontForLanguage: language can be null [#13346]
  • Use a native wrapper object in NSThread's initWithTarget:selector:object: implementation [#13612]
  • Fix simulator issues when running on OS X Mavericks [#13636]
  • MacNetworkChange: implement using managed code [#13642]
  • Keep track of whether assemblies whose resources are removed have changed between builds [#13945]
  • [linker] Include uncommon calendars when the matching i18n option is specified [#13977]
  • Debugger errors with "Incorrect number or types of arguments" [#14942]
  • [linker] Preserve Dictionary .get_Keys when JsonSerializationWriter is used (thru reflection) [#15027]

  • Obsolete CoreBluetooth API using System.Guid [#15056]
  • Obsolete AVAudioSession default ctor since it's a singleton class and the static SharedInstance property should be used [#15154]
  • AVQueuePlayer.[Can]Insert[Item]'s 'afterItem' parameter can be null [#15194]
  • Fix CGImage.ScreenImage (black in iOS7) to use UIScreen.Capture [#15199]
  • [linker] Fix uncommon type encoding issue [#15220]
  • Add [Autorelease] to ALAssetRepresentation.Get*Image methods [#15234]
  • Fix retain/copy/release on blocks [#15250]
  • Fix copying read-only assemblies [#15254]
  • Fix NSData.ToString memory leak [#15272]
  • Return values may need wrappers even if some parameters need to be disposed [#15283]
  • Fix btouch [Protocol] support when using interface types from monotouch.dll [#15307]
  • Obsolete the default ctor on AVMetadataItemFilter [#15308]
  • [aot] Only use an AOT shortcut in the trampoline code if its safe to do so [#15345]
  • Fix UIBezierPath base class
  • Fix wrong compiler selection even if IsCxx was true
  • Fix wrong events in CMMotionActivityManager bindings
  • Fix running lipo with path containing spaces
  • Fix marshalling of 'out string' parameters
  • Fix iOS7 documentation downloading/merging
  • Fix missing (stripped) symbol affecting release (only) builds [#15506, #15585, #15628, #15669, #15797, #15846]

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.4

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.4 is a maintenance release. API changes from 7.0.3 to 7.0.4.

New features

  • Includes Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio 1.8 server components
  • Added CoreGraphics's CGDataConsumer

Bug fixes

  • Support the [Transient] attribute on parameters [#13966]
  • [btouch] Methods might need to be unsafe if it returns a delegate [#15503]
  • NS[Mutable]ParagraphStyle.TabStops returns an array of NSTextTab
  • Fixed CTParagraphStyle LineBreakMode and BaseWritingDirection properties

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.5

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.5 is a maintenance release.## New features

  • Includes Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio 1.10 server components

Bug fixes

  • Fix AOT compilation for very large methods [#16239]

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.6

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.6 is a maintenance release. API changes from 7.0.4/5 to 7.0.6.

New features

  • [runtime] Optimize registrar to merge duplicated method bodies [#15454] The (static) registrar will create an Objective-C method for every exported C# method, and many of those Objective-C methods were very similar. This change will reduce the amount of code generated by merging many method bodies like this:

    void foo () { /* 20 lines of code */ }<br> void bar {} { /* 20 lines of code */ } to

    void zap () { /* 20 lines of code */ }<br> void foo () { zap (); }<br> void bar () { zap (); } The improvement can be significant, in the test case from the bug report the amount of generated registrar code was cut to less than a third.

  • [runtime] Implement the delegate ctor optimization in AOT mode. This is a optimization that existed only the JIT previously and it is now enabled for AOT. LINQ and RX makes great use of features that benefits from this optimization.

  • [foundation] Typed NSCoding and NSSecureCoding protocol support. Every NSObject subclass provide a .ctor(NSCoder) but types that do not conform to NS[Secure]Coding would throw a native exception when either the constructor or NSObject.EncodeTo were used. Now that the protocol is exposed a managed (easier to catch) InvalidOperationException will be thrown.

  • [foundation] Typed NSCopying and NSMutableCopying protocol support [#6250] Types that conform to the procotols now export Copy(NSZone) or MutableCopy(NSZone) methods. Also the NSObject.Copy() method will now throw a managed InvalidOperationException (instead of a native exception) if the type does not conform to NS[Secure]Copying .

  • System.Dynamic.Runtime.dll and System.Dynamic.Runtime.dll PCL facade assemblies were added allowing Reactive Extensions NuGet PCL package to work;

  • [audiounit] Additional bindings

Bug fixes

  • [mtouch] Remove --keeptemp option to fix possible activation loop [#12122]
  • [foundation] ThrowOnInitFailure now catch init* not just alloc failures [#14399]
  • [mtouch] Report invalid parameters like -v-v-v correctly [#14794]
  • [btouch] Fix containing type when generating method signatures [#15799]
  • [runtime] Ensure retain/release trampolines are thread-safe [#15838]
  • [uikit] UIApplicationDelegate.HandleOpenURL is deprecated and OpenUrl should be used/proposed [#15862]
  • [linker] Process XML files earlier since it can be used to add new assemblies [#15878]
  • [mtouch] Fix GameController and MediaAccessibility frameworks issues on OS X Mavericks [#15950]
  • [btouch] Avoid generating duplicated parameter names in async methods [#16036]
  • [runtime] Fix write-back code in the trampolines to calculate current parameter location correctly [#16078]
  • [coreimage] Fix some CIImage constructors that are not available on iOS [#16135]
  • [linker] Fixed SweepStep not to re-add removed assemblies [#16213]
  • [uikit] Add a NSLayoutConstraint.Create overload taking INativeObjects [#16279]
  • [uikit] Add missing [NullAllowed] attributes on UITabBarItem and UIBarButtonItem [#16335]
  • [runtime] Remove limit of five (5) -app-arg= arguments [#16386]
  • [mscorlib] Better fallback for non-existent (in .NET) cultures [#16417]
  • [uikit] Expose constants from (float-based enum) UIWindowLevel [#16469]
  • [linker] Preserve System.Runtime.InteropServices.ICustomMarshaler members [#16485]
  • [foundation] Mark [Obsolete] some NSNetService members [#16499]
  • [uikit] UIControl.Add|RemoveTarget: support adding/removing the same target more than once for each event [#16565]
  • [externalaccessory] ShowBluetoothAccessoryPicker allows null for both parameters [#16566]
  • [coredata] Accept null for NSManagedObjectContext setUndoManager [#16623]
  • [linker]Fix for System.Web.Services.dll reflection usage of ExtensionManager type [#16629]
  • [uikit] Allow null for UIApplication.SendAction [#16633]
  • [mapkit] Special case the selector 'originalsetBoundingBox:' [#16638]
  • [coreanimation] Properly introduce CAMediaTiming protocol and add it (missing) on CAEmitterCell [desk #52127]
  • [spritekit] Add missing [NullAllowed] on SKSpriteNode APIs [desk #53182]
  • [tools] Workaround for ld64 issue [http://openradar.appspot.com/15358055]
  • [mapkit] Add missing constructors for MKOverlayPathRenderer
  • [uikit] Remove some duplicated selectors in UIPrintFormatter
  • [uikit] UISeachBar also expose 'spellCheckingType' since 5.0
  • [coremedia] Fix CMFormatDescription crash [forum]
  • [mtouch] Fix case where C++ compiler was used (even if not specified)
  • [aot] Avoid emitting two debug_line sections when using the GAS .file and .loc directives.
  • [btouch] Fixed [MarshalNativeExceptions] support in 3rd party binding projects (was ignored).
  • [runtime] Crash reports no longer contain file/line number information [#15202]

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.7

Xamarin.iOS 7.0.7 contains fixes for specific issues affecting 7.0.6 - but is otherwise identical.## Bug fixes

  • [vs-addin] Fix a typo which causes NullReferenceException to be thrown in StartLogProxy [#17611]
  • [arm] Fix issues found on UIPickerView related to ARM FP scratch registers change [#17597][#17612]
  • [arm] Additional fix for ARM registers in [#17793]
  • [coremedia] Fix CMBufferQueue.CreateUnsorted not to depend on the managed CMBufferCallbacks2 since the OS structure might differ by iOS versions [#17330]
  • [bcl] Null values on nullable value types were not handled in DataContractJsonSerializer [#16744]
  • [bcl] Fix a NullReferenceException in Task.ContinueWith [#17498]

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