Xamarin.iOS 7.4

Xamarin.iOS 7.4

The Xamarin.iOS 7.4.x series introduce support for building both 32 and 64 bits iOS applications.

This takes the form of a new unifiedassembly

, Xamarin.iOS.dll

, that can target both 32 and 64 bits iOS devices. This unified

assembly is also closer to the new, 32/64 bits compatible, Xamarin.Mac.dll

assembly provided with latest version of Xamarin.Mac

. This makes code sharing between iOS and OSX even easier than before.

Note that this new assembly is a preview

and its API is not, at this time, frozen (breaking change might happen). Feedback

and [bug reports](http://bugzilla.xamarin.com/)

are welcome.

The classic


assembly remains fully supported

and includes all new features. However it remains limited to build 32 bits applications.

Xamarin.iOS 7.4.0

Xamarin.iOS 7.4.0 is the first release to include a preview

of the new 32/64 bits compatible Xamarin.iOS.dll assembly.The following document contains a list of the [API changes from 7.2.6 to 7.4.0](/releases/ios/api_changes/from_7.2.6_to_7.4.0)


  • Product installation is now under /Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.iOS.framework instead of under /Developer/MonoTouch
  • Mono runtime/BCL updated to 3.8
  • F# updated to
  • [uikit] Adopt UIAccessibilityIdentification on UIBarItem and UIImage [#21585]
  • [foundation] Add NS[Input|Output]Stream overloads with offset [desk #81124]
  • [foundation] Add several overloads for NSBundle.GetUrlForResource*
  • [foundation] Add new NSData.Save helper methods

Bug fixes

  • [runtime] Fix a race during finalization [#7723][#16208][#19442c7]
  • [coregraphics] Pin the byte[] buffer given to CGDataProviderCreateWithData [#21043]
  • [uikit] UITextInput.GetCaretRectForPosition allows a null UITextPosition argument [#20572]
  • [mtouch] Detect problems when creating the NOTICE file [#20607]
  • [registrar] Use correct declaring type for InvokeConformsToProtocol [#20675]
  • [foundation] Fix NSDecimal / decimal casting on locale using ',' as the separator [#20892]
  • [avfoundation] Fix for AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest.Finished under iOS 6.x [#20909]
  • [runtime] Fix Process.PrivateMemorySize64 to work on iOS sandbox for the current process [#21882]
  • [jit] Fix enum->int casts in gsharedvt code [#21893]
  • [generator] Fix UIAppearance protocol support in 3rd party bindings [desk #79124]

Xamarin Workbook

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