Xamarin.iOS 9.1

Xamarin's support for the iOS 9.1 Releases

Xamarin.iOS 9.1

The Xamarin.iOS 9.1.x series introduces support for Apple's iOS 9.1 APIs and Xcode 7.1. It is based on existing Xamarin.iOS 9.0.1 and Mono 4.0 stable releases.

Important Notes

Due to non-backward compatible changes in Xcode 7.x toolchain this version of Xamarin.iOS is only supported when used with Xcode 7.x or later, which requires the use Mac OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or newer.

Apple releases notes contains a list of changes and pending issues for both iOS 9.1 and Xcode 7.1 that you should review.

This version does not

provide support for tvOS or watchOS in this release. Xamarin has previews (XI 9.3) available for both plaforms. See our forums

for the latest information and download links.## New Features

API bindings

There are no new frameworks in iOS 9.1. Existing frameworks were updated, mostly to add new API for the upcoming iPad Pro (and its optional pen) and LivePhotos.- Updates to UIKit for presses, precise location (pen) and focus related API - Updates to Photo[UI] frameworks for LivePhotos - Updates to GameplayKit framework


Custom attributes for API availability

We added new custom attributes for API availability. The new types allow API to be marked for tvOS and watchOS (or any platform that Apple will introduce in the future). The new attributes are:- [Introduced] - [Obsolete] - [Deprecated] - [Unavailable]

and the PlatformName

enum currently support MacOSX, iOS, WatchOS and TvOS.### Binding generator support for enums

The binding generator (btouch) can now optionally

process enum

types inside binding files. This makes it possible to control
code generation (e.g. with the `[Unavailable]`

attribute) per platform with minimal use of conditional code and ease code sharing of bindings across iOS, Mac, tvOS and watchOS.

If you use this option then your bindings might duplicate some enum

types, e.g. when used in both inside and outside of the binding interface files. In such cases you'll have to update your project to split enums into separate files.


This is an hotfix release.### Bug fixes

  • [watchkit] Submission rejected with "Invalid WatchKit Support" [ #35493 ]


This is the stable release based on Apple’s release of the Xcode 7.1 and iOS 9.1 SDK.### Bug fixes

  • [generator] Make processing enum in binding optional [ #35231 ]
  • [generator] Use C# name for enum base type as MS csc does not suport .NET name [ #35232 ]
  • [generator] Remove UI thread checks in Photo (it was for PhotosUI) [ #35276 ]


This is a beta release based on Apple’s release of the Xcode 7.1 and iOS 9.1 SDK. You can use this build to submit to the app store but it’s possible that the upcoming stable build might contains some slight differences.

This release is synchronized with Xamarin's C5SR5 (Cycle 5 Service Release 5) which main goal is to provide El Capitan support and fixes across all products.

The following document contains a complete list of the API changes from 9.0.1 to 9.1.0

.### El Capitan support fixes

  • [msbuild][xvs] Build C# iOS Native Library Project error [Failed to execute 'ls /usr/bin/mono': ExitStatus=1] [ #34716 ]
  • [msbuild][xvs] iOS Binding project fails to build after updating to Xamarin for VS 3.11.1450.0 [ #34743 ]

Bug fixes

  • [corebluetooth] Add CBErrorDomain and CBATTErrorDomain support [ #31201 ]
  • [uikit] NSLayoutConstraint.FromVisualFormat issue [ #34012 ]
  • [healthkit] Expose HKErrorDomain [ #34140 ]
  • [foundation] Add a name for the NSURLAuthenticationChallengeSender protocol (case mismatch) [ #34615 ]
  • [registrar] Add support for returning delegates from methods and properties [ #34874 ]

Xamarin Workbook

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