Xamarin.iOS 9.2

Xamarin 9.2.x Releases

Xamarin.iOS 9.2

The Xamarin.iOS 9.2 series upgrades the Mono stack from Mono 4.0 to Mono 4.2

One of the major themes in
Mono 4.2.xx series is the continued adoption of Microsoft's
open sourced .NET code to improve the conformance, speed and
memory usage of our stack.Xamarin.iOS 9.2 is the successor of [9.0](xamarin.ios_9.0) which introduced
support for iOS 9 API and Xcode 7.

Important Notes

Due to non-backward compatible changes in Xcode7.x toolchain this version of Xamarin.iOS is only supported when used with Xcode 7.x or later. This indirectly means the oldest version of iOS that applications can be directly deployed (on devices) is iOS 6.

New Features

Visual Studio: New Mac Build Agent

We have rewritten the Mac Build agent that Visual Studio uses to connect to.

The user experience is vastly superior. Not only because it is now easier, more convenient and more reliable to link your Windows and Mac computers, but because we have addressed many of the fundamental design limitations, shortcomings and bugs from our previous implementation. This means more reliable builds, debugging and runs.

We have replaced our pairing and authentication system with one powered by SSH, which now encrypts all data transfers and uses the MacOS provided SSH server as the mechanism to connect your Windows and Mac computers.## WCF available for every license level

It is now possible to use System.ServiceModel.dll and System.ServiceModel.Web.dll assemblies with the Starter

and **Indie**

licenses.# Improvements

Code Generation Optimizations

When compiling with LLVM, Xamarin.iOS will no longer generate intermediate files, and instead will generate object code directly. This allowed us to generate more efficient code (in some large application scenarios, LLVM produced binaries are 3% smaller) and slightly improved build times.# Known issues

  • [insights] iOS apps fails to connect to debugger when Xamarin.Insights is enabled. In Forms templates, Xamarin.Insights is enabled by default [ #34885 ]



The 9.2.2.x is a service release that fixes the following issues:### Bug fixes

  • [profiler] Create a static version of libmono-profiler-log which doesn't link against eglib [ #29745 ]
  • [msbuild] Make sure to touch the Watch App binary during a build [ #34205 ]
  • [registrar] Properly handle Selector and Class return values in the static registrar [ #34440 ]
  • [mtouch] Fix background fetch (Xcode change) [ #34552 ]
  • [linker] Fix generics usage inside custom attributes [ #34609 ]
  • [coregraphics] Fix CGDataProvider to not free GCHandles before the native code is done with the corresponding data [ #34633 ]
  • [msbuild] Fix Error reading framework definition '/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild-frameworks/Xamarin.TVOS/v1.0' [ #35510 ]
  • [mtouch] Set a max number of simultaneous strippers and AOT compilers [ #35786 ]
  • [btouch] Fix possible AmbiguousMatchException when finding properties [ #35837 ]
  • [arm64] Fix passing of vtypes by ref [ #35959 ]
  • [msbuild] Default IpaIncludeArtwork to False [ #36238 ]
  • [runtime] Don't set the BLOCKHASDESCRIPTOR flag for blocks [ #36317 ]
  • [msbuild] Find the correct architecture for device specific builds
  • [msbuild] msbuild does not pass the float32 option to mtouch


The 9.2.1 release adds support for iOS 9.1 SDK and API and Xcode 7.1 to the previous 9.2.0 release along with some additional fixes.

The following document contains a complete list of the API changes from 9.1.0 to 9.2.1

.### Bug fixes

  • [uikit] Add a UIMutableApplicationShortcutItem.UserInfo setter [ #35123 ]
  • [modelkit] Fix MDLObject.GetBoundingBox crash [ #35116 ]
  • [llvm] Fix the handling of r4 arguments during calls [ #35044 ]
  • [runtime] Ensure blocks names are null-terminated C string [ #34518 ]
  • [linq] Fix NIE in Microsoft.Scripting.Interpreter.EqualInstruction.Create [ #34334 ]
  • [msbuild] Archive now shows wrong app name (Assembly instead of App Name) [ #34981 ]
  • [registrar] Fix threading issues in the dynamic registrar [ #33981 ] (
  • [msbuild] Fix IPA creation not to include artefacts from previous builds [ #34793 ] (
  • [linker] Don't remove external module references from non-linked assemblies [ #35372 ] (
  • [watchkit] Submission rejected with "Invalid WatchKit Support" [ #35493 ] (
  • [repl] Fix the REPL assemblies that Xamarin Inspector uses at runtime [ #35695 ] (
  • [jit] Fix memory leaks in the generic sharing code [ #36000 ] (
  • [cloudkit] Incorrect entitlement in archived for publishing prevents distribution [ #36189 ] (


This 9.2.x release includes all the fixes from the latest 9.0 stable release along with additional fixes and features.

The following document contains a complete list of the API changes from 9.0.1 to 9.2.0

.### Bug fixes

  • [cecil] Fix regression for async methods compiled with VS2013 [ #33124 ]
  • [btouch] Fix namespace issue on *Appearance types [ #34042 ]
  • [aot] Fix AOT issue with obfuscated assembly [ #34147 ]

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