Xamarin.iOS 9.4

Xamarin 9.4.x Releases

Xamarin.iOS 9.4

Xamarin.iOS 9.4 introduces support for iOS 9.2 and Xcode 7.2. This is not a large update from Apple so it's very close to our 9.2.x series.

Important Notes

Due to non-backwards compatible changes in Xcode 7 toolchain this version of Xamarin.iOS is only supported when used with Xcode 7 or later. This indirectly means the oldest version of iOS that applications can be directly deployed (on devices) is iOS 6.

New Features

Support for iOS 9.2 and Xcode 7.2.

Known issues

  • [insights] iOS apps fails to connect to debugger when Xamarin.Insights is enabled. In Forms templates, Xamarin.Insights is enabled by default [#34885]


Xamarin.iOS 9.4.2

The 9.4.2 is a service release including the following changes:

Bug fixes

  • [msbuild] Archiving for Publishing generates wrong value for CloudKit entitlement preventing distribution [#36189]
  • [jit] Fix the support for gshared types in mini_emit_initobj [#37079]
  • [generator] Be more defensive when converting pointers to CMSampleBuffers [#37187]
  • [llvm] Disable support for nested clauses, it still doesn't work. Fixes #37273 [#37273] []
  • [jit] Fix the reference type detection for Volatile:Read/Write [#37846] []

Xamarin.iOS 9.4.1

The 9.4.1 release replace the, short-lived 9.2.2 service release. It's identical to the previous one but includes the iOS 9.2 API update and Xcode 7.2 support.

The following document contains a complete list of the API changes from 9.4.0 to 9.4.1.

Bug fixes

  • [profiler] Create a static version of libmono-profiler-log which doesn't link against eglib [#29745]
  • [msbuild] Make sure to touch the Watch App binary during a build [#34205]
  • [registrar] Properly handle Selector and Class return values in the static registrar [#34440]
  • [mtouch] Fix background fetch (Xcode change) [#34552]
  • [linker] Fix generics usage inside custom attributes [#34609]
  • [coregraphics] Fix CGDataProvider to not free GCHandles before the native code is done with the corresponding data [#34633]
  • [msbuild] Fix Error reading framework definition '/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild-frameworks/Xamarin.TVOS/v1.0' [#35510]
  • [mtouch] Set a max number of simultaneous strippers and AOT compilers [#35786]
  • [btouch] Fix possible AmbiguousMatchException when finding properties [#35837]
  • [arm64] Fix passing of vtypes by ref [#35959]
  • [msbuild] Default IpaIncludeArtwork to False [#36238 ]
  • [runtime] Don't set the BLOCK_HAS_DESCRIPTOR flag for blocks [#36317]
  • [msbuild] Find the correct architecture for device specific builds
  • [msbuild] msbuild does not pass the `float32` option to mtouch
  • [mscorlib] Invalid DateTime format for Norway, Serbia and Finland cultures [#36003 ] (
  • [System.Runtime.Serialization] Static serializer changed to avoid Nullable value-types#36100 ] (
  • [aot] Cache inflated methods loaded from aot images to avoid repeating an expensive search [#36256 ] (
  • [gsharedvt] async / await - custom awaiter crashing on device [#36383 ][#36676 ] (
  • [System.Xml] Fix endless recursion in XmlCompiledTransform [#36436 ] (
  • [aot] MethodInfo.MakeGenericMethod(...).Invoke causes "Attempting to JIT compile method" exception [#36566 ] (
  • [aot] Make sure ptr-to-structure and structure-and-ptr wrappers are unique [#20186] (
  • [aot] Don't hardcode the nursery size in aot write barriers [#35414] (
  • [mono] Fix float32 support for native type operations [#36125] (
  • [msbuild] Include com.apple.developer.icloud-container-environment in the whitelist [#36189 ] (
  • [jit] Avoid a verification error in gsharedvt code with ldarga + gshared types [#36292] (
  • XmlObjectSerialier: fix ISerializable for XmlObjectSerializer, DataContractSerializer... [#37171] (
  • [uikit] NSTextLayoutOrientationProvider.LayoutOrientation is a readonly property [#37405] (
  • [msbuild] Missing resources (storyboards, nibs...) inside .app [#38206] (

Xamarin.iOS 9.4.0

This 9.4.x release includes all the fixes from the latest 9.2 stable release along with support for the final releases of iOS 9.2 and Xcode 7.2.

The following document contains a complete list of the API changes from 9.2.1 to 9.4.0.

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