Xamarin.Mac 1.2

Xamarin.Mac 1.2

This release contains many API additions and refinements including full Mountain Lion and Lion coverage for the AppKit framework, along with many other bug fixes and improvements.

You can check our Roadmap to learn where Xamarin.Mac is headed.


  • Lion and Mountain Lion APIs are introduced for AppKit.
  • FSEvents from Core Services was introduced for monitoring file system changes. Explore a sample application.
  • Enhancements were made to the WebKit binding around DOM APIs and Navigation Policy APIs such as WebView.DecidePolicyForNavigation and WebNavigationPolicyEventArgs. Explore a sample application.
  • New dispose semantics were added to match the behavior introduced in MonoTouch/Xamarin.iOS 6.0.8.
  • Cross-thread UI checks are now supported in Debug builds similar to those supported in MonoTouch/Xamarin.iOS.
  • Shared memory usage is now disabled (MONO_DISABLE_SHARED_AREA) when linking applications for App Store distribution as Apple no longer allows using shared memory (/dev/shm).
  • Multi-thread support is now enabled automatically in order to protect the Cocoa Frameworks when mixing POSIX/.NET threads (System.Threading.Thread) and NSThreads in the same application.
  • Other notable API improvements:
    • NSThread.Start (NSAction) was added for lambda-friendly thread spawning:
      NSThread.Start (() => Console.WriteLine ("Hello from an NSThread"));
    • Added many convenience constructors to NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate.
    • Added many convenience constructors to NSAttributedString.
    • Added NSTableViewDelegate.GetToolTip
    • Many APIs were renamed to ensure future API naming consistency. Renamed APIs are marked with [Obsolete] to ensure existing code does not break however.

Detailed API Differences

Getting Started

  • Explore " Hello, Mac ," our tutorial on building your first Xamarin.Mac application.
  • Launch the Documentation Browser from Xamarin Studio (Help->Help) and browse the API under the MonoMac namespace.
  • Check our  extensive set of samples .


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