Xamarin.Mac 1.6

Xamarin.Mac 1.6

The primary focus for the 1.6 series of Xamarin.Mac is to introduce full compatibility with the Mono 3.2 runtime which introduces full support for the .NET 4.0 and 4.5 frameworks, including async support.

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Mono 3.2

While not many changes were made to Xamarin.Mac itself since 1.4.22, Xamarin.Mac is now aligned with the other Xamarin products against the Mono 3.2 runtime which supports the .NET 4.0 and 4.5 frameworks including support for async/await.

As such, Xamarin.Mac applications can now take full advantage of these modern .NET frameworks.

By default, Xamarin.Mac projects will target .NET 4.0, but can be upgraded to 4.5 by changing the Target Framework option under the project's general build settings in Xamarin Studio.

Older versions of Mono are no longer supported by Xamarin.Mac.


Introduced in Xamarin.Mac 1.6 were convenience improvements to the CoreBluetooth API for interacting with Bluetooth Low Energy devices on compatible Mac OS X systems.

A number of convenience APIs were added along with major fixes to CBUUID, an essential data structure for interacting with CoreBluetooth objects. Improvements include equality support and helper static methods such as FromPartial. Example:

foreach (var characteristic in service.Characteristics) {
    if (characteristic.UUID == CBUUID.FromPartial (0x2A37)) {
      service.Peripheral.SetNotifyValue (true, characteristic);

A new detailed sample on using CoreBluetooth was written, focusing on Bluetooth LE Heart Rate Monitors. Explore and remix the code!

CoreBluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Other Notable Fixes and Changes

  • Retain , Release , and Autorelease are now supported on NSObject . This allows supporting methods such as copyWithZone: , where returned objects should be explicitly Retain ed first. #1086

Getting Started

  • Explore " Hello, Mac ," our tutorial on building your first Xamarin.Mac application.
  • Launch the Documentation Browser from Xamarin Studio (Help->API Documentation) and browse the API under the MonoMac namespace.
  • Check our  extensive set of samples .


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Xamarin.Mac 1.6.19

Xamarin.Mac 1.6.19 is a bugfix only release.### Bug Fixes:

  • Add NSAttributedString.FromAttachment ( #14429 ).
  • Fix for NSTextAttachmentCell : provide constructor that takes an NSImage , remove incorrect [Abstract] attributes on DrawWithFrame and WantsToTrackMouse to allow NSTextAttachmentCell to be instantiated without subclassing. ( #14429 ).
  • Fix CTFont constructor to allow language argument to be null ( #13346 ).
  • Add PathsForResources , PathForResource , GetPathsForResources to NSBundle .
  • Enable RedRange, GreenRange, BlueRange, AlphaRange on CAEmitterCell (was previously iOS only).
  • Fix regression where CAEmitterCell.Contents was removed ( #10517 ).
  • Enforce with an InvalidOperationException that NSApplication.Initialize can only be called once.

Xamarin Workbook

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