Xamarin.Mac 2.10

version:2.10.0 releasedate:2016-09-08

**Classic Profile Deprecation:** As new features are added in Xamarin.Mac we are starting to gradually deprecate features from the classic profile (xammac.dll). In this release the non-NRC (new-ref-count) option was removed. NRC has always been enabled for all unified applications (i.e. non-NRC was never an option) and has no known issues.


  • The latest features and API requires Xcode 7.2 and the bundled macosx10.11 SDK;
  • Apple Xcode 7.2 requires a Mac running OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) or 10.11 (El Capitan)

What's New

Xamarin.Mac Extensions - Xamarin.Mac 2.10 brings preview support for building OS X extensions.

The following extensions are currently supported:

  • Finder
  • Share
  • Today

More information, including details on limitations and work arounds can be found here.

In addition:

  • NSAccessibility - NSAccessibility related protocols have been bound and existiting classes such as NSApplication and NSButton now expose them.
  • System.Runtime.Remoting has been added to the XM 4.5 target framework BCL.

Known Issues

Xamarin.Mac 2.10 does not have full support Xcode 8 when the static registrar is in use. This means projects with --registrar=static or Xamarin.Mac Extension projects must be built against Xcode 7.3 for now.

In macOS 10.12, Apple changed the implementation of NSLog in such a way that it will crash if p/invoked into from managed code. There is a tracking bug here and two known work arounds:

  • Use System.Console.WriteLine instead of NSLog directly
  • Create a small C static library which invokes NSLog for you, link it into your application, and invoke it instead.

A bug report has been opened with Apple.



Cycle 8 SR 1

Bug Fixes

  • 44378 - Mac Migration Tool Not Working
  • 44285 - Xcode interface builder quits every time I open Xamarin studio
  • 43579 - Generator emits invalid code when using the same method name (overload) in @delegates using events and C# delegates

  • -

Cycle 8 SR 0 is a compatibility release aligning with the rest of the Xamarin Platform.

Bug Fixes

  • 42443 - [AppleTLS] Fix hangs with some web sites when using macOS 10.12
  • 44708 - [System] ChainValidationHelper: ignore port number when validating a certificate's host name (


Cycle 8 Initial release.

  • 43890 - [msbuild] Only include *.dylibs from the app bundle for codesigning (i.e. not from child PlugIns)


Third beta release.

  • [registrar] Adjust the static registrar to work with Xcode 8 (where QT headers were removed)
  • 43364 - [mmp] Fix native dependency processing when linker is disabled


XM is a compatibility release aligning with the rest of the Xamarin Platform. No XM specific fixes have been included as part of this release.



  • Disable (unsupported) linking requests in extension projects, as it currently will break execution.
  • Add fobjc-runtime=macosx to 64-bit build clang invocations to improve static registrar support with newer SDKs.
  • Improve bundled native framework support to set rpath to the bundle's Framework directory. This should prevent the need for manually adding in via additional mmp arguments in most cases now.
  • Improve F# support for Xamarin.Mac.


Updated C8 preview with full preview extension support.

API diff

The following documents contains a complete list of the API changes since our latest stable release: XM 2.8.2 (C7SR1)

Xamarin Workbook

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