Xamarin.Mac 4.99

Xamarin.Mac 4.99

Last Update: 7/4/2018

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This version of Xamarin.Mac corresponds to our xcode10 milestone. This is presently based on our stable d15-7 milestone, i.e. Xamarin.Mac 4.4.x.


  • The latest features and API requires Xcode 10 beta 3 and the bundled macOS SDK
  • Apple Xcode 10 requires a Mac running macOS 10.13.4 (High Sierra) or newer

What's New in this Release

Support for Xcode 10

For more information you can consult the Xcode 10 release notes from Apple.

Support for macOS 10.14

The following new frameworks were added in macOS 10.14:

  • NaturalLanguage
  • Network

Most other frameworks were also updated. See our API diff to browse the latest changes.

For more information you can consult the macOS 10.14 release notes from Apple.

Other Changes

  • Apple is deprecating OpenGL and related API in favor of Metal;
  • Apple removed support for stdlibc++. Using C++ code now requires the use of libc++.

Release History

This version Xamarin.Mac correspond to our xcode10 milestone and is based of the stable 15.7 releases.

  • July 4, 2018 - Xamarin.Mac
  • June 27, 2018 - Xamarin.Mac

July 4, 2018 - Xamarin.Mac

This second preview is based on Xcode 10 beta 3 and includes the new AppKit bindings.

June 27, 2018 - Xamarin.Mac

This is the first preview of Xcode 10 support. It will work correctly with the current stable Visual Studio for Mac (7.5).

New CoreImage filters

New CoreImage filters includes:

CIAreaMinMax CIDither CIGuidedFilter CIMeshGenerator CIMix CISampleNearest

Updated frameworks

This preview includes the following updated to existing frameworks (all API updated to beta 2)

Accounts, AVFoundation, AVKit, Contacts, CoreVideo, GameplayKit, MapKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, VideoToolbox

Known Issues

  • 4436 - Metal Game Template app fails to build with MSB6003

Using an older Xcode version

Using an older Xcode version (than the one mentioned in the above requirements) is often possible, but some features may not be available. Also, some limitations might require workarounds, e.g.:

  • The static registrar requires Xcode headers files to build applications, leading to MM0091 or MM4109 errors if API are missing. In most cases enabling the managed linker will help (by removing the API).

API Diff

The following documents contains a complete list of the API changes since our (4.4) stable release:

Integrated Mono Features/Fixes

Xamarin.Mac uses a customized runtime and base class librairies (BCL) from Mono.

Additional information can be found in Mono release notes.


Your feedback is important to us. If there are any problems with this release, check the Xamarin.Mac Forums and xamarin-macios Issue Tracker for existing issues. If you do not find any matching issue, please feel free to start a new discussion and report an issue.

Open Source

Xamarin.Mac is based on the following open-source repositories:

A big Thank You! to the following folks that helped to make Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac even better:

Xamarin Workbook

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