Profiler Preview 0.11

This is the 4th preview release of the Xamarin Profiler. Changes since last release include:


  • Improve data refresh speed
  • Check MLPD format version

Windows frontend:

  • Get rid of single instance restriction
  • Display allocations data, not timing data, in Allocations’ Call Tree

Mac frontend:

  • Fix PathSelectorView’s popup menu
  • Check .app bundles are OS X apps before profiling

Bugs fixed:

  • 25269 - Double clicking on the row (detail pan data) backtrace data does not show for windows profiler.
  • 25279 - Profiler does not start profiling an app, if profiler window is already opened
  • 25271 - Vertical scroll bar is displaying in 'Sample List' detail pan for Time Profiler
  • 25941 - Flags and snapshots markers are misaligned
  • 26142 - Data is inconsistent when sorting
  • 25777 - Profiler is getting hanged/unresponsive sometimes when user double click on rows
  • 25834 - Flags are not getting added when we click on button 'Take Snapshot'
  • 25318 - 'Take snapshot' button is not working properly for iOS app with simulator
  • 26623 - Crashes when opening an apk
  • 26646 - When user takes snapshot then Allocations List view is not displaying objects (alive, dead, disposed) under column 'Live'


This is a preview release and there are definite limitations, including but not limited to:

  • No official support for profiling Release builds
  • Data sets are correct at time of collection but data mining and representation is preliminary. This will improve in future releases.
  • Samples list not available on Android
  • Support for Xamarin.Mac app profiling is preliminary
  • Sorting snapshots is slow
  • Call tree not supported for iOS devices
  • Enabling Boehm for iOS builds results in no useful data on devices, as allocations and calls need to be disabled
  • Performance with large apps has been improved, but still lacking some

We encourage users to get in touch and file bug reports so we can continue to make this tool more useful and more stable.

Xamarin Workbook

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