Profiler Preview 0.31.0

Another preview release of the Xamarin Profiler is available. Changes since last release include:


  • Reduce CPU usage
  • Add visual cue to Call Tree view
  • Unify progress report messages on all platforms
  • Only display thrown exceptions


  • Improve Options dialog look
  • Add autocompletion to search boxes
  • Add searching to Console tab


  • Fix typo in full method name in drill down label (missing ‘.’)

Bugs fixed:

  • 37146 - No console output on iOS runs on Windows
  • 37230 - Filtering call tree by time doesn’t work as expected
  • 36058 - Previous run’s snapshots show in detail popup
  • 37018 - Wrong version in control panel
  • 35901 - Crash on iOS profiling
  • 37128 - iOS profiling on Windows not working
  • 36210 - Can’t open .exe for profiling
  • 36429 - Stats labels are trimmed weirdly
  • 36409 - Can’t open .exe via File->Open menu
  • 35518 - Profiler starts saved session instead of allowing new one
  • 28943 - Application selected even when pressing Cancel
  • 37793 - Crash when inverting call tree
  • 34154 - ‘Only persistent objects’ checkbox affects all views
  • 31381 - Negative numbers not red coloured
  • 37735 - Instruments not re-enabled when changing target in New Session dialog
  • 37654 - Children not sorted in call tree view
  • 34627 - Stats not being updated
  • 37838 - Siblings not highlighted in call tree
  • 37797 - UI freezes

This is a preview release and there are definite limitations, including but not limited to:

  • No official support for profiling Release builds
  • Data sets are correct at time of collection but data mining and representation is preliminary. This will improve in future releases.
  • Time instrument not available for Android and tvOS profiling
  • Support for Xamarin.Mac app profiling is preliminary
  • Enabling Boehm for iOS builds results in no useful data on devices, as allocations and calls need to be disabled
  • Performance with large apps has been improved, but still lacking some

We encourage users to get in touch and file bug reports so we can continue to make this tool more useful and more stable.

Xamarin Workbook

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