Profiler 1.6.0

1.6.0-3 (2017-10-12)


  • Performance improvements
  • Allow allocations to be grouped by thread
  • Charts performance and UI improvements
  • Allow selection of sampling mode
  • Display allocations groups' averages
  • Fix a bug in object roots processing that was displaying roots of the wrong type
  • Translations for Czech (cs), German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Turkish (tr), Traditional Chinese (zh)


  • Use generic colors in most places, for a better support of theme-oriented user customisations
  • Add % bar to sizes columns, for a better visual indication
  • Lots of small UI tweaks and improvements for a much better UI


  • Remove empty space in Console tab view
  • Fix column sorting in instrument detail views
  • Fix displaying of classes and methods without namespaces
  • Fix scroll bar behavior in per-thread charts
  • Fix usage of user-provided settings in New Session dialog
  • Performance and full accessibility support in data lists

 Bugs fixed

  • 59226 - Can't profile iOS and tvOS apps
  • 51920 - HighContrast theme problems on Windows

Xamarin Workbook

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