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Xamarin Studio 4.1

Xamarin Studio 4.1.13

Source Code Editing

  • Improved support for on-the-fly formatting and indenting.
  • Improved source analysis (beta), with better performance, memory use and stability.
  • Fixed several issues when editing aspx and xml files.
  • Improved handling of files with mixed line endings.
  • Improved the look of in-line error bubbles.
  • Reloading a modified file from disk and restoring from Autosave are now undo-able actions.
  • Fixed issue that caused non-standard keyboards to not work correctly on Windows.
  • Fixed F# syntax highlighting issues
  • Improved the speed and user experience of the import symbol completion


  • Added right-click context menu on *.xcassets directories to add individual asset catalogs for images, app icons, and launch images.
  • Added an “archive” command for mdtool which does the same thing as the Build / Archive menu item in Xamarin Studio.
  • Updated all of the iOS project Storyboard templates to default to the new Xcode 5 format.
  • Added code completion support for the new Xamarin.iOS protocol support in C#. Xamarin Studio is now aware of bindings to Objective-C protocols. This means that when your class implements one of the C# interfaces that map to an Objective-C protocol, when you use the “override” keyword it will offer not only to complete the methods inherited from base classes and interfaces, but will offer also the optional methods from the Objective-C protocol. More information about the new protocol support in Xamarin.iOS is available in the Binding Objective-C Libraries document.

iOS Designer (Alpha)

  • Status bar and top bar styles are now correctly handled for iOS 7.
  • Fixed rendering with iOS 6 appearance on Mavericks.
  • Handle multiple assemblies with the same name in a project [#15328].
  • Fix cases where the property panel would not update after changes on the design surface.
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to select navigation items and tab bar items.
  • For custom controls rendered on the design surface, AwakeFromNib will now be called with all the outlets set.
  • Better support for UINavigationController-based storyboard. Navigation bar and status bar will render correctly for the navigation flow.

    Navigation Controller metrics

Android Designer

The Android Designer is now better in handling layouts with multiple alternative versions. When opening a layout that has multiple versions, those are shown as thumbnails in a side bar. The designer now has two operation modes. In the default mode, changes done to a layout version are particular to that version and won’t have any effect on the other versions. When in multi-edit mode, several layouts can be selected for synchronized editing. Changes done in one layout will be propagated to all selected layouts. Support for change conflict resolution when in multi-edit mode has also been improved.

Other improvements include:

  • Several improvements in the toolbar and property grid.
  • The stock device list available in the toolbar now shows the devices defined in the Android SDK. Those devices can be configured in the Android Emulator manager.
  • Improved performance. The designer is now more responsive when working with big layouts.

Version Control

  • Added commands for tagging branches, removing and push tags (Git).
  • Fixed incorrect repository detection issue (Git).
  • Fixed error when adding Web References in a Subversion repository.
  • Improved progress monitoring and notifying for Subversion on Windows.
  • Added option for disabling version control support globally.


  • Improved support for visualizing big arrays using the hex visualizer (data is now incrementally fetched)
  • Allow stepping into autogenerated enumerators in user assemblies
  • Improved stability when debugging on the Microsoft .NET CLR.

Project System

  • Xamarin Studio now can properly load and interpret projects which make use of properties and environment variables in the definition of project items.
  • Fixed bug that caused classes from System.Core and PCL framework assemblies to not be shown in code completion
  • Improved PCL profile selection panel
  • Implicit PCL framework references are now shown in the solution pad.

Xamarin Account Management

  • The license activation process has been greatly improved.
  • There is no need anymore to log-in using a web browser.

Xamarin Studio 4.1.12 (iOS Designer Alpha 14)

  • The final releases of Xcode 5 and iOS 7 are supported. Rendering is now mostly correct in iOS 7 mode
  • All new properties from iOS 7 should be available but some properties may not render correctly
  • A new toolbar enables toggling the designer between portrait and landscape, 3.5" and 4" size, and iOS 6 and iOS 7 appearance
  • Fixed a regression when typing floating point numbers in the property panel
  • Dragging/dropping controls when using constraints works correctly again
  • Added better handling for rare race conditions trying to start the iOS design surface
  • Added support for more types when adding custom properties to controls
  • Added the ability to insert new items in between existing items in UIToolbar and UITabBar
  • Custom controls which use a [Register] instead of [Register ("Name")] are supported now
  • Custom controls which have a custom property of an unsupported type do not trigger exceptions now
  • Fixed some issues trying to align/expand the top level UIView in a UIViewController
  • The designer does not get stuck in the 'Reloading' state if a custom control crashes at the wrong time

Known issues:

  • There may be issues with selection and editing when rendering with iOS 7 appearance
  • Attempting to load a storyboard with iOS 6 appearance currently results in a continuous spinner on OS X Mavericks.
    • To work around this, open the storyboard in Xcode and ensure the "View as" document setting is set to "iOS 7.0 and Later." Then it will be editable in Xamarin Studio.

Xamarin Studio 4.1.11 (iOS Designer Alpha 13)

  • Minor updates to better support the Xcode5 GM release

Xamarin Studio 4.1.10 (iOS Designer Alpha 12)

  • Xcode 5 is fully supported now
  • Enhanced support for iOS 7 but not all controls may render correctly
  • The MacOS firewall will no longer prevent the designer from working correctly
  • Actions should be correctly generated/regenerated under all circumstances
  • Symbolic constraints are supported
  • Several bugs in the Outline Panel have been fixed
  • The properties for iAdBannerView should be displayed now
  • Added support for custom controls directly subclassing UIControl
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the C# class for custom controls would not be autogenerated
  • Fixed a rare crash triggered when exiting Xamarin Studio
  • Added support for the restoration ID property
  • The arrow keys can now be used to move controls on the design surface
  • Several fixes for UIBarButtonItem corner cases
  • Invalid constraints no longer prevent the storyboard from rendering

Xamarin Studio 4.1.7 (iOS Designer Alpha 9)

  • Optimised reloading of individual scenes when modifying properties in the Property Panel
  • Fixed two potential crasher when dragging/dropping
  • UITabBarItems now have a better drag image
  • Fixed a regression which made it impossible to set an image in a UITableViewCell
  • Storyboards using MKMapView now load without errors
  • Better handling of loading images which do not have an extension
  • Fixed a bug where editing the Segment in one SegmentedControl would actually modify a segment in a differnt control
  • Better support for re-ordering items in UISegmentedControl and UIToolbar

Xamarin Studio 4.1.6 (iOS Designer Alpha 8)

  • Complete visual redesign of the property panel to make it much prettier
  • Fixed an issue introduced with the 4.1.5 release which could completely crash the IDE
  • Deleting items using the right click context menu works correctly
  • Fixed faulty check to see if the current installed Xamarin.iOS is an evaluation version
  • UITableViewSection footers now display on the design surface
  • Fixed a race condition which could prevent projects from loading correctly if they used Components
  • Full support for all iPad simulated size metrics

Xamarin Studio 4.1.5 (iOS Designer Alpha 7)

  • Fixed an issue where installing custom addins threw an exception
  • Fixed several issues which could cause the design surface to not display
  • Better handling of BarButtonItems added directly to UIViewControllers
  • Xib files are no longer mistakenly treated as storyboard files in some circumstances
  • The correct simulated metrics for iPads are displayed now
  • Image files are now uploaded and rendered correctly in all situations
  • Improved rendering of UITableView and UITableViewController
  • Added the ability to horizontally resize some of the Bars
  • Improved the layout and ordering of the items in the toolbox
  • Added support for UITabBar and UISplitViewController, which were missing in previous releases
  • Improved support for BarButtonItems inside UINavigationItems
  • Implemented a Document Outline for storyboard files in Xamarin Studio
  • Better handling for directly adding UIViews to a UIToolbar
  • Fixed several cases where invalid constraints could be created in UIBarItems, UINavigationBars or UIToolbars
  • UITableViewSection now displays it's properties in the Property Panel
  • Significant performance improvements when loading large storyboards

Xamarin Studio 4.1.4 (iOS Designer Alpha 6)

  • Enhanced support for Xcode 5.0 and iOS 7.0
  • Fixed issues where deleting a UIView would leave behind outlets referencing it
  • Full support for Fixed Space View and Flexible Space View in UIToolbar
  • Enhanced support for some some non-english locales
  • Images in a Segment are now rendered correctly

Xamarin Studio 4.1.3 (iOS Designer Alpha 5)

  • More robust support for generating Outlets and Actions
  • Added a 'Safe Mode' which allows disabling custom control rendering if they destabilise the design surface
  • Fixed some cases where items could become unselectable
  • Actions/Outlets are now sorted alphabetically before being generated to reduce unnecessary changes
  • 'designer.cs' files are now only auto-generated when required
  • Images referenced by custom controls are now correctly loaded and rendered
  • Better support for dragging/dropping while zoomed
  • Improved support for designing custom UITableViewCells and UICollectionViewCells

Xamarin Studio for (iOS Designer Alpha 3)

  • Fixed issues which could trigger an exception while opening the design surface
  • Significantly enhanced support for custom controls which throw exceptions
  • Fewer and friendlier error dialogs
  • Significantly better support for UICollectionViewCell editing

Xamarin Studio for 4.1.2 (iOS Designer Alpha 2)

  • Fixed many issues when AutoLayout mode is enabled
  • Setting Simulated StatusBar and NavigationBar to Hidden is now always respected
  • Mitigation for the bug where too many Outlets would be autogenerated

Xamarin Studio for 4.1.1 (iOS Designer Alpha 1)

  • Fixed many issues which caused items to align incorrectly or resize incorrectly in both constraint mode and regular layout mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the designer could hang indefinitely when rendering specific storyboards.
  • Major performance increases have been made to the design surface.
  • Added a new icon set for the toolbox
  • Added support for Xcode 4.6.2
  • Many other bugfixes

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.