Visual Studio for Mac is replacing Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio 5.4

Xamarin Studio 5.4

Xamarin Designer for iOS

  • Improved support for Xcode6 Beta GM
  • Rendering support for the new 4.7" and 5.5" resolutions has been added
  • Added support for the new @3x style images
  • Images with ~iphone or ~ipad appended to their name should be handled correctly by the property panel image selector now.
  • Fixed a crash when using Xcode 6 and selecting a UIActivityIndicatorView on the surface
  • Fixed a rendering glitch where controls could not be made smaller than 88 pixels in height in certain circumstances.
  • Initial support for unified storyboards. This is also known as 'Size Class' support.
  • Fixed many property panel issues with UISearchBar, UITableView, AttributedStrings and more.
  • Enhanced error logging when custom controls cause issues.
  • Fixed a bug whereby autoresizingMask values could be incorrectly applied when in constraint mode
  • Improved handling of 'Modal' segues when rendering simulated metrics
  • The TabBar inside a ProxiedTabBarController is now selectable with the mouse
  • A failed drag/drop of a view will correctly restore the ViewController to it's original state. This was just a cosmetic issue.
  • TableView Headers/Footers do not set 'translatesAutoResizingMaskIntoConstraints' to false anymore. iOS does not support this at runtime.
  • Double clicking on a Button to generate an action no longer makes the button jump around when you tab back to the design surface
  • The design surface should no longer jump when selecting items, creating constraints or using the embedded constraint editor
  • UITableViewSection elements can no longer be dropped in invalid locations
  • Custom Controls work correctly when using MonoTouch 7.9 or higher
  • 'View As iOS6.1 and earlier' now works with Xcode6
  • Some small rendering performance improvements
  • Several repainting issues have been fixed on the design surface
  • Implemented support for constraint multipliers in the form 1/2 or 4/9, etc.
  • The light style for UIStatusBar is now fully supported


This release adds support for the iOS 8 SDK, including:

  • Support for the new 4.7" and 5.5" launch images has been added to the Asset Catalog editor.
  • Support for the new iOS 8 icon sizes has been added to the Asset Catalog editor.
  • Support for launch screen xibs and storyboards has been added to the Info.plist editor.
  • Support for the new Unified API (see Xamarin.iOS release notes for more details).
  • Support for iOS App Extensions. There are several new templates for creating extensions.
  • Support for compiling *.scnassets directories (files within a *.scnassets folder should have their BuildAction set to “SceneKitAsset”).
  • Support for compiling *.metal files (BuildAction set to “Metal”).
  • Support for compiling standalone *.sks and *.scnp files (should all have their BuildActions set to “BundleResource”).
  • Support for building *.doa files (BuildAction set to “Collada”).
  • New file templates for creating *.metal files.
  • New SceneKit and SpriteKit particle system file templates.
  • Allow jpegs to be included in asset catalogs and also allow them to contain other folders

In order to build the new file types, the MSBuild engine must be enabled in the project options (Build/General section).


Xamarin Studio 5.4 includes support for the new Unified API. Please see the Xamarin.Mac release notes for more details.


  • Added support for installing Components that target the new Unified API for iOS or Mac.

NuGet Support

  • Added support for the new Unified target frameworks for iOS (Xamarin.iOS) and Mac (Xamarin.Mac).

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when running the "Go to Declaration" command on types defined in packages.
  • Fixed Autocomplete (Intellisense) for XAML files in Xamarin.Forms project.
  • Fixed several editing issues in the Hex debugger visualizer.
  • Fixed display of list items in the debugger.
  • Fixed: XML Format document removes all undo history.
  • Control-shift-Z shortcut in the editor.
  • Allow copying text from the Tests Results pad.
  • Fixed "could not add packages" error while creating a Xamarin.Forms solution with a bad network connection.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.