Visual Studio for Mac is replacing Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio 5.8

Xamarin Studio 5.8.3


  • Fixed: WatchKit app submission fails. Please note that the submission process for WK apps currently requires creating an archive and submitting through Xcode. Submitting an .ipa directly is not yet supported.

Xamarin Studio 5.8.2


  • Fixed: Breakpoints cause iOS Simulator to freeze
  • Fixed: Error while saving json when editing LaunchImage.launchimage
  • Removed WatchKit launch images (not supported anymore in Xcode 6.2)
  • Updated WatchApp App Icons asset catalog UI for Xcode 6.2 final
  • Fixed: WatchKit app submission fails.

iOS Designer

  • Fixed a performance regression which could cause reloads to take multiple seconds to complete
  • Restored the 'Identity' panel for UIBarItem and several other widgets
  • Fixed an issue triggered when using UISplitViewController on Yosemite and Xcode 6.2
  • The editor for the Constraint 'Multiplier' property has much improved support for values in the form `1:2` or `3/4`
  • Fixed several cases where incorrect resize handles appear when an item was selected on the design surface
  • Several property panel related default values have been fixed for UIDatePicker and countdown timer
  • Resizing a UITableViewCell now works as expected using either the resize handle or the property panel
  • UISegmentedControl.ContentOffset is taken into account on the design surface
  • WKGlanceControllers can now be made custom classes.
  • WKInterfaceTimer now renders correctly when it's properties are changed
  • The arrow representing the 'Notification Category' now shows up on the design surface
  • WKInterfaceSwitch and WKInterfaceImage tint colours render on the surface now
  • Added support for WKNotificationCategory sash color

Xamarin Studio 5.8.1

  • Added support for fast build checks. This feature reduces the time it takes to check if a project needs to be built, so starting an app is much faster when no code changes are made.
  • Fixed issue that caused breakpoints to be ignored in some cases on Windows.
  • Fixed: Tapping on a file or folder in the solution pad of a shared project causes the project to collapse
  • Fixed: On adding a XAML file to a Forms Shared project, Xamarin Studio gives error message
  • Fixed: Find and Replace in files changes the wrong strings
  • Fixed: Publish Android package should sign with SHA1 on 4.2 and below
  • Minor fixes in the WatchKit app templates

Xamarin Studio 5.8

  • The Xamarin Studio 5.8 release adds full support for iOS 8.2 and WatchKit. You can now visually design, launch, and debug WatchKit apps in App, Glance, and Notifications mode.
  • We've added full documentation in the Xamarin Developer Portal. The Visual Studio toggle is available in the appropriate guides at the top right of the screen to customize your docs experience for XS.
  • Sample code for Xamarin Watch apps is available from the Xamarin Samples Repository.

Known issues:

  • A list of known issues and workarounds is available here.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.