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Calabash Android 0.6.0

These are the changes introduced in 0.6.0 in comparison to 0.5.15

Fix Android sometimes did not return the correct coordinates of views. This would cause Calabash to regard that view as invisible (as its coordinates were outside the screen). Users experienced a "flakiness" in the calabash queries because of this. The test-server now has a reimplemented version of the Android coordinate method, which fixes this issue.

Add Query optimisation. Users might experience a big performance boost when querying against views. The test-server now analyses the query and optimises accordingly. For example by filtering by visibility after the predicate in query("* id:'my_id'").

Change The test-server now has better parameter recognition. This enables users to invoke methods with float, char etc. parameter types.

Add keyboard_visible? and wait_for_keyboard methods. If the device is not using a soft keyboard (hardware or an emulator) these will always return true.

Add Usage tracking. See this announcement for details.

Change enter_text now waits for the keyboard to be visible. It also always appends text.

Add set_selection methods that sets the selection of the currently focused view.

Change The wait default ops are now unfrozen

Fix A lot of small fixes have been made.

Xamarin Workbook

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