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Calabash Android 0.8.0

These are the changes introduced in 0.8.0 in comparison to 0.7.3

Notice The life cycle of the test-server has changed. You should in general always use the test-server that is shipped with Calabash-Android, but no previous test-server is compatible with this version. Run bundle exec calabash-android build <apk> to generate a test-server APK for your application. calabash-android run/console <apk> does this automatically.

This release contains a lot of test-server improvements and changes. Not all new test-server features have been exposed in the client yet.

Add ability to start the application with a given intent. This can be used to test other paths to your applications like deeplinks or opening the app from a notification. Example usage:

start_test_server_in_background(intent: {action: "android.intent.action.VIEW", data: "http://link", package: "my.app"})

You should use the same intent that Android uses to start you application

Add ability to perform Calabash interactions before starting the actual application. Example usage:

# Mock location coordinates before the app is launched
start_test_server_in_background do

This feature is still experimental.

Fix Android N support is now available. Text entry was broken for N.

Since Android N is still in beta, Calabash cannot promise to be fully compatible with N. With this release there are no known N issues, please report then on our Github page.

Change The default start intent (main activity or launchable activity) is now detected on the test-server if none is given.

Fix Better dependency detection. Calabash-Android now reports with a better error message if Android tooling is not available.

Improve view detection. Calabash-Android now always aims to report any visible view, also those not rendered in an active dialogue Example

Improve Current activity detection. Previously the current activity might not have been properly detected.

Improve Start-up time (ie start_test_server_in_background is quicker)

Add set_activity_orientation(orientation) and get_activity_orientation methods exposing the action. Added reverseportrait and reverselandscape. getactivityorientation can now report reverseportrait and reverselandscape. Notice that these interactions still are not fully equivalent to a user rotating the physical device.

Add Support for latest Crosswalk version

Change Location is now being mocked for only the active providers. If a device does not support GPS locations but supports wifi locations, only the wifi provider will be mocked.

Change Location mocking now uses the default settings of all providers (cost, accuracy, power requirement etc.)

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