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Calabash 0.11.0

0.11.0 Change log

This is a bug-fix release targeting primarily Xcode 6, iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 devices. It adds no new features.

Testing on iPhone 6 Devices

The device must be in standard scaling mode. You can find instructions for checking and setting the scaling mode on the wiki:


Breaking Change

In certain situations, selectors that return boolean values can return a different Objective-C primitive type. For example, UISwitch isOn will return a different type on iOS 7 than on iOS 8.

query("view marked:'first page' UISwitch marked:'on-off'", :isOn).first
=> '1'  # iOS 7
=> true # iOS 8

In this release, we have decided that the server will return 0 and 1 for boolean values. This will break tests like this:

# Will no longer work.
query("view marked:'first page' UISwitch marked:'on-off'", :isOn).first == '1'

This is the new behavior:

# New behavior.
query("view marked:'first page' UISwitch marked:'on-off'", :isOn).first == 1


  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ Full support. https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/issues/506

  • Fix running device with DEVICE_TARGET=device https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/issues/534

  • touch fails silently in landscape orientation in xcode 6: https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/issues/528

  • Support for serialization of new type encodings introduced in iOS8 (ome queries return nil when they shouldn't) https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/issues/529

  • Json representation should contain more information about the view https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/issues/344


  • Serialization of UIColor object now returns a dictionary/hash. Note this is potentially breaking for script relying on parsing the description of the UIColor object.

    { "red" => 0, "alpha" => 0.3, "blue" => 0, "green" => 0 }

  • Do a documentation level deprecation of Calabash::Cucumber::Version.

Special Thanks

To everyone creating issues and solutions.

  • @brendensoares for a great bug report https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/issues/528


See https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/wiki/Deprecated

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