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Calabash 0.11.4

0.11.4 Change log


  • iphone4in? returns 'true' for iPhone 6s #570 - Thanks @michaelkirk
  • Calling console_attach sometimes pops "expected uia strategy to be :host or :preferences" #577 - Thanks Susan van de Ven for reporting.
  • Intermittent timeouts performing gestures in Xcode 6.1 targeting iOS 8.1 simulators #585 - Another excellent bug report from @JaniJegoroff

Special Thanks

  • Feature/separate integration specs #591 @michaelkirk
  • Everyone who helped debug #585 and #566 - In particular @nfrydenholm for providing an app to reproduce.


See https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/wiki/Deprecated

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