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Calabash 0.15.0

This release requires a server update.

It also requires a run-loop update.


If you are not already using bundler and Gemfile, we strongly recommend that you start.

If you are installing gems with sudo, we strongly recommend that you install a managed ruby or manage your gem environment manually.

Thank you to everyone who has made comments on the Calabash 2.0 GitHub issue. Keep those comments coming, we are listening. Calabash 2.0 is in pre-release. Please report issues with Calabash 2.0 as a GitHub issue or on Stack Overflow. Progress on Calabash 2.0 has been halted until Xcode 7 support has stabilized. We are looking for help from the community to finish implementing Calabash 2.0. You can see what has to be done in the project GitHub issues.

Xamarin Test Cloud users: Calabash 2.0 is not yet supported on Test Cloud. Test Cloud support will be available before Calabash 2.0 is released.


This release provides experimental support for Xcode 7 beta. We have had success testing on physical devices, but are seeing problems on Xcode 7's iOS Simulators.

Many thanks to @ashisht99x for Added rescue block to handle ECONNREFUSED exception #814. That pull request corrects a problem reported by many users.


This is a reminder to check out the Calabash documentation on the Xamarin site. The information there is excellent and constantly improving.



See https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/wiki/Deprecated

RunLoop::XCTools has been deprecated (replaced) in run-loop 1.5.0.

Hot Topics

See https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/wiki/Hot-Topics

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  • Xcode 6.3 - instruments cannot launch my app on iOS 8.3 Simulators [RESOLVED]
  • Enable Development After Upgrading Devices to 8.*
  • Errno::EINTR: Interrupted system call
  • NSLog output can cause apps to become unresponsive during testing
  • cucumber is not compatible with ruby 2.2.0

Xamarin Workbook

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