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Calabash 0.9.166

0.9.166 changelog


  • issue 256 - touching number pad delete on iOS 7 iphone family devices

  • issue 284 - backslashes should be properly escaped when launching with Instruments

  • Fix issue where keyboard_enter_text failed on iPad 4th gen because CalabashScript/UIA generated invalid JSON


  • added assert_map_results to unify how we ensure Calabash::Cucumber::map has returned a valid result

  • added server_debug_level methods to be used to dynamically set server debug levels in the future


These functions, methods, or cucumber steps have been deprecated and will now generate warning messages.

To suppress deprecated warnings set ENV['CALABASH_NO_DEPRECATION']=1 (not recommend).

  • since 0.9.131 query_all - use query("view all") - see Query Syntax
  • since 0.9.145 set_text - use keyboard_enter_text or (sparingly) clear_text
  • since 0.9.151 When I clear "some text field" - no replacement
  • since 0.9.163 await_keyboard - use wait_for_keyboard
  • since 0.9.163 keyboard_enter_char second arg should_screenshot has been replaced by an options hash. Use the :should_screenshot key instead
  • since 0.9.163 send_uia_command - use uia("...javascript..", options) instead. This has not been formally deprecated (no warnings will be generated) yet, but it will be in a future version.

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