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Calabash 0.9.167

0.9.167 changelog

IMPORTANT requires a server update to 0.9.167


scrolling on UICollectionView
# scroll to item 0 in section 2 to top
scroll_to_collection_view_item(0, 2, {:scroll_position => :top})

# scroll to item 5 in section 0 to bottom
scroll_to_collection_view_item(5, 0, {:scroll_position => :bottom})

extend :as feature of advanced queries

  • (pull server 30) https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios-server/pull/30 - thanks @LiohAu.

Certain types of advanced queries make reflective calls on objects queried. For methods that require arbitrary types we can use the :as. For example to call a method that takes an NSIndexPath we can now use the :as feature, for example scrollToRowAtIndexPath:atScrollPosition:animated::

            [{scrollToRowAtIndexPath:[{:indexPathForRow=>20},{:inSection=>0}],  as: "NSIndexPath"},


  • (pull 307) Fix brackets in twitter reference
    • thanks @nemesis-fw
  • (issue 309) keyboardenterchar 'Return' no longer touches the keyboard action key when app is launched by Instruments

  • Bump run_loop 0.1.4 - adds retries with larger timeout to workaround UIA bug failing to tap a key even if visible.


These functions, methods, or cucumber steps have been deprecated and will now generate warning messages.

To suppress deprecated warnings set ENV['CALABASH_NO_DEPRECATION']=1 (not recommend).

  • since 0.9.131 query_all - use query("view all") - see Query Syntax
  • since 0.9.145 set_text - use keyboard_enter_text or (sparingly) clear_text
  • since 0.9.151 When I clear "some text field" - no replacement
  • since 0.9.163 await_keyboard - use wait_for_keyboard
  • since 0.9.163 keyboard_enter_char second arg should_screenshot has been replaced by an options hash. Use the :should_screenshot key instead
  • since 0.9.163 send_uia_command - use uia("...javascript..", options) instead. This has not been formally deprecated (no warnings will be generated) yet, but it will be in a future version.

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