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Xamarin.UITest 1.3.0

  • Deprecated SwipeLeft / SwipeRight in favor of SwipeRightToLeft and SwipeLeftToRight.
  • Parameterized Swipe* methods to allow for variable swipe speed/distance when using gestures.
  • Parameterized Scroll* methods to allow for variable swipe speed/distance and optional inertia when using gestures.
  • New API Frame() for performing actions within iframes on iOS. Android support to be added, currently throws an Exception if used.
  • Calabash Android Server updated to 0.6.0.
  • Added IApp.SetSliderValue for manipulating slider elements.
  • iOSApp.SendAppToBackground supports iOS v9.
  • Invoke supports backdoor methods which take multiple parameters.
  • Ensures soft keyboard is enabled on iOS simulators.
  • Fixed mono not found when uploading from Linux.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.