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Xamarin.UITest 2.2.6 Release 1


  • [iOS] Fixes issue with running simulator during tests on physical device.
  • [iOS] Fixes error messages.
  • [Android] Fixes issue with inncorrect single quote escaping
  • [iOS] Provide support for Xcode 10
    • iOSDeviceManager 3.2.1:
    • Upload xctestconfig command requires file paths
    • Frameworks: update FBSimControl related frameworks with new ios 12 device models
    • Shell: all NSTask executed with timeout
    • Fix simulator-by-alias/name algorithm
    • Codesign is timing out on low resource machines
    • Stablize Simulator app life cycle events for Xcode 10
    • DeviceAgent 1.3.1:
    • Add new iPhone 10S, 10S Max, and 10R model numbers
    • Server: add speech recognition alert texts
    • Server: add new localizations for SB alerts
    • Improve query speed by loading BootstrapInject.dylib into AUT
    • remove simulator log redirect
    • SpringBoard: update Italian localizations
  • [Android] Updated Android Server to version 0.9.7:
    • Support instrumentation registry
    • Fix regression by changing maximum SDK version for ViewWrapper
  • Changes to Xamarin.UITest.nuspec for internal validation rule changes

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