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Calabash 0.12.0

0.12.0 changelog

Primarily a bugfix, polish and stability release.


Fast enter_text command #639

This skips using the software keyboard and calls setValue. This is sometimes desired for speed, but has the downside that apps reacting to individual keystrokes (e.g. type ahead) don't respond normally.

  • https://github.com/calabash/x-platform-example/blob/master/features/ios/pages/login_page.rb#L23
Generalize indexpath search to collection views. #607server #99

This will support queries of form:

touch("collectionViewCell indexPath:#{row},#{sec}")

Dump views server #102

To see a view dump, use: curl http://localhost:37265/dump

Read Server port from app's Info.plist server #94

Thanks @isachs.


  • Reduce logging and allow server_debug_level() to control the debug level on the server.
  • Experimental new strategy for communicating with UIAutomation (:shared_element, Shared UIA Element) #97. Note that while this works well, there are still some cases where it breaks down, e.g., app deep linking. #642
  • Detect architecture of .app bundles to prevent "App launches and quits repeatedly". Hot Topic


  • App hanging when UIAutomation is active and the app logs too much via NSLog. We removed excessive logging in Calabash server, but this can still occur if the app logs itself.
  • Missed writes to preferences while automating
  • Intermittent 'Could not parse response '';' error... #600
  • Intermittent timeouts performing gestures... #585
  • Backslash handling in 0.11.5.pre5 is inconsistent... #640
  • iOS8 swipe with query fails #586
  • Unstable accept of System alerts #636


We've discovered a known issue when running on arm64 devices on iOS 7.0.x: reflective extraction of values of type double always return null due to an Apple bug in iOS. For example query("view", :alpha).first.

Special Thanks

To everybody who contributed with well-written issues, discussion and pull requests. Particularly,

@nfrydenholm @janijegoroff @berendkleinhaneveld @isachs


See https://github.com/calabash/calabash-ios/wiki/Deprecated


All of the methods in ios7_operations.rb have been removed. These have been publicly deprecated since July 2014 and unused internally since December 2013.

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