Xamarin 3.1

Xamarin 3.1.228

Xamarin 3.1.228 is a hotfix release based off of Xamarin 3.1.224.


  • SDK synchronization reporting "Unable to connect to server".

Xamarin 3.1.224

Xamarin 3.1.224 is a hotfix release based off of Xamarin 3.1.223.


  • The iOS Designer was misgenerating partial methods associated with Actions. The bug caused them to semi-randomly appear/disappear from the .designer file.

Xamarin 3.1.223

Xamarin 3.1.223 is a hotfix release based off of Xamarin 3.1.


  • Fixes a regression introduced by Android SDK Tools r23 and Android Build-tools r20 that changed the path of the zipalign tool.

Xamarin 3.1

Xamarin 3.1 contains several bug fixes and minor improvements.

Known Issues

  • The SDK Synchronization tool will fail to connect to the build server. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC is not supported. Please upgrade to Update 2 RTM.


  • Unable to deploy Android application in DEBUG mode.
  • App hangs when changing Android system time before installing an APK.
  • "Notify about updates" selection ignored.
  • Several issues when iOS app name contains dots.
  • Xamarin.Forms template not generating unique identities for WP projects.
  • VS 2013 Update 2 freezes frequently when packaging application.
  • VS crash when reloading a project fails.
  • Android Device Logging - List View - no autscroll to newest item.
  • Ensure that killing or closing the Android emulator does not hang VS.
  • On build cancel (Android) reset emulator string to Available (not Starting).
  • User is shown latest (Android) platform which is not installed on machine.
  • Remove all Android permissions from AssemblyInfo.cs
  • When the user intentionally stops the debugger, they are incorrectly shown the error "Debugger Connection Lost".
  • Diagnostic Tool should report the server and client time to help diagnose clock skew issues.
  • Added missing Razor iOS templates.
  • Prevent multiple simultaneous connection attempts to the build server.
  • Unable to build adhoc via Build->Build Adhoc IPA
  • At iOS project properties window, clicking Security or Publish option shows error "this method or operation not implemented'.
  • Add GUI for .apk/ABI
  • In french VS, platform and configuration drop down appears multiple times.
  • Refresh does not show new (iOS) simulators.
  • Problem with deploying application from Visual Studio when using embedded resources.
  • Supported Architecture setting is not saving in VS2010.
  • Unloaded projects is loaded again in Visual Studio 2013.
  • When using Hibernation to "shutdown" windows, when restored the client connection is not re-created
  • [Ad-hoc] Failed to start application on the target device
  • List of known simulators shows up at a random time
  • Killing the connection of the current server before creating a new one.
  • Resource (resx) files are not loaded when using Visual studio for iOS


  • Several improvements to logging (missing build server errors, properly parsing XML output from build server, etc.)
  • Several improvements and clean up in templates for consistency.
  • All projects are now easily identifiable by their icons.

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.