Xamarin 3.11

Xamarin 3.11

Xamarin 3.11 includes support for the Xamarin.iOS 8.10 and Xamarin.Android 5.1 releases.

Xamarin.Android 5.1 introduces several breaking changes. Please read through the entire release notes.


  • Fixes issue causing Watch IPA files to be rejected on submission due to missing WatchKit Support folder.


  • Adds critical support for iOS 9.1.
  • Fixed Bug 35234 - Timing-dependent error when building iOS Binding projects: "The "BTouch" task failed unexpectedly ... Access to the path '... obj\Debug\ios\ObjCRuntime' is denied"

v3.11.1585 (Beta)

  • Adds critical support for iOS 9.1.


  • Add support for Android Marshmallow.

v3.11.1450 (Beta)

  • Fixes Bug 34144 - All resources included from iOS library project except for the modified file are replaced with 0-byte files when redeploying without cleaning after modifying one of the resources.
  • Fixes Bug 34163 - XIB files and BundleResources within iOS Class Libraries where project name contains "." period characters cause build error
  • Fixes Bug 34202 - Getting build error when we add iOS library project in iOS single view template application.


  • Adds critical support for Xcode7 and iOS9 GM.
  • Fixes issue causing build errors with strings resources in iOS class libraries project
  • Fixes wrong platform set on iOS Class Library projects.


  • Beta Refresh with critical support for Xcode7 and iOS9 GM.
  • Fixes issue causing WatchKit app getting crashed as soon as it launch on Watch App Simulator.
  • Known Issue: Getting build errors with strings resources in iOS class libraries project


Beta build to add critical support for Apple's iOS 9 GM and Xcode 7.

  • Fixes Bug 33554 - Monodroid error XA0000: Reason: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary.
  • v.3.11.893

    • Fixes Bug 32909 and Bug 32912 - VS 2015 issues with XAML intellisense.
    • Fixes Bug 32622 - Creating VS2013 project and opening in 2015 causes error CS0012 (Assembly reference issues, including bcl).
    • Fixes Bug 32767 - Watch App Info.plist UIDeviceFamily array is incorrect.


    • Fixes Bug 33174 - SDK Tools v24.3.4 Breaks the Android Designer.


    • Fixes Bug 32514 - User is unable to add a component in Visual Studio.


    • Fixes Bug 31893 - VS gets hang when user Deploy Watchkit application on Simulator.


    • Fixes Bug 31009 - AOT of Cirrious.MvvmCross.Binding.dll with verbose logging causes System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException".
    • Fixes Bug 26079 - Setting $(AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk)=True should NOT clear $(TargetFrameworkVersion).
    • Fixes Bug 29398 - "Xamarin.VisualStudio.iOS.Documents" process holds open a reference to the project folder after Visual Studio has exited.
    • Fixes Automated Feedback pop-up appearing on unrelated projects.
    • Improved Xamarin.iOS API Doc Sync experience.


    • Fixes Bug 28728 - Unable to find AndroidManifest.xml when click on 'Run in Test Cloud' option for Xamarin.Forms Android.
    • Fixes Bug 26841 - Cannot build: The last access/last write time on file "bin\Debug\Sensus.Android.dll.mdb" cannot be set.


    • Fixes an issue with Xamarin.Android projects debugging not hitting breakpoints unless Shared Runtime is used and Linker is disabled.
    • Fixes an issue causing facade assemblies to be copied to the Mac while building Xamarin.iOS projects.
    • Removes unsupported UI Test project template for VS 2010.
    • Fixes an issue with Xamarin.Forms Android apps not hitting breakpoints in PCL projects.
    • Fixes Bug 30100 - Cannot set Xamarin Profiler location path because menu option is disabled.
    • Fixes Bug 29849 - Forms iOS Project Template adds Entitlements.plist to iPhoneSimulator configurations.
    • Fixes Bug 30371 - Project Properties display incorrect default values for "BundleAssemblies" and "EmbedAssembliesIntoApk" if they are not explicitly specified.
    • Fixes Bug 29654 - "Project properties -> iOS Bundle Signing" shows "This page is valid only for hardware platforms" when targeting Simulator.
    • Xamarin VS now uses Rx .NET 4.5 assemblies for VS 2012 and newer versions.

    v.3.11.590 (Stable)

      3.11.590 is a hotfix release meant to improve compatibility with the latest Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.0_rc1 and the Android-M preview. Additional information can be found in the Xamarin.Android 5.1.3 release notes.


      Fixed a Xamarin.iOS issue causing Visual Studio to not remove the .MDB files for Portable Class Library projects referenced from a Xamarin.iOS application executing a "Clean" command.


      Fixed a Xamarin.iOS debugging issue, allowing VS to nicely disconnect after a failing debugger session start. The fixed previous behavior was intermittently not being able to hit breakpoints on physical iOS devices, and VS hangs trying to stop the debugging session.


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixes Bug 29628 - MDB files are not generated for PCLs and breakpoints in PCLs don't work.
    • Fixes Bug 29703 - "Show IPA File In Build Server" fails if "Build" number is different from "Version" number.
    • Fixes Bug 29839 - [3.11] Native Linking Error when trying to link a static library in iOS.
    • Fixes Bug 29220 - Test Cloud throws error in output window of Visual Studio
    • Fixes "Not implemented (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004001 (E_NOTIMPL))" error when user unloads and reloads project in some scenarios.
    • Fixes some issues found during IPA creation causing submission errors.

    Known Issues

    There is now an explicit IpaIncludeArtwork checkbox on the IPA Options section of the project properties. It's required for AppStore configurations to uncheck that option before building the IPA file for submission.


      Xamarin for Visual Studio version 3.11.456 is a Hotfix released to address some issues creating proper IPA files suitable for uploading to the AppStore.

      As introduced on Xamarin VS 3.11.570, in this hotfix there is now an explicit IpaIncludeArtwork checkbox on the IPA Options section of the project properties. It's required for AppStore configurations to uncheck that option before building the IPA file for submission.


    • 3.11.446 is a hotfix release to fix operations on 'System.Decimal' in Xamarin.Android. Additional information can be found in the Xamarin.Android 5.1.1 release notes.



    • New Project Templates for Mobile cross-platform Native apps were added. You can find them as "Visual C# - Blank App (Native Portable)" and "Visual C# - Blank App (Native Shared)" if supported.
    • Adds support for Xamarin.iOS Binding Projects from Visual Studio for Unified API projects.
    • Integrates a Xamarin Test Cloud cross-platform project template.
    • You can now submit apps directly to Test Cloud from the IDE. See our guide here. Make sure to select the Visual Studio version of the document.
    • Xamarin Starter Edition now enables development using Visual Studio.
    • Includes Xamarin.Forms intellisense for XAML files.
    • Fixes Bug 27805 - Certain storyboards lead to "The connection was closed unexpectedly" build server disconnect during IBToolTask.
    • Fixes Bug 27672 - For a F# iOS Template application, when right click and click on properties, VS crashes.
    • Fixes Bug 26308 - "Linker behavior" project option displays incorrect value compared to the "MtouchLink" property.
    • Fixes Bug 26484 - Only the first SayHelloTask run by a command-line MSBuild process successfully negotiates a connection with the build server.
    • Fixes Bug 23106 - Error MT0024: Could not find required file.
    • Fixes Bug 26079 - Setting $(AndroidUseLatestPlatformSdk)=True should NOT clear $(TargetFrameworkVersion).
    • Fixes Bug 25551 - Error: Failed to load output manifest for ibtool.

    iOS Designer

    • Fixed an exception triggered by interacting with the 'Priority' editor for constraints
    • Fixed a crash caused by clicking on the 'Events' tab of a custom control when the corresponding source code for that class is missing
    • The labels have been restored to all the properties which were missing them
    • Improved support for unwind segues in the property panel
    • Improved the initial loading performance of large storyboards
    • Fixed more cases where incorrect resize handles were showing
    • Improved rendering accuracy when using NavigationBar or TabBar simulated metrics
    • WKInterfaceSwitch and WKInterfaceSlider will now have default 'click' actions in the Events panel
    • Improved property panel support for the 'Storyboard ID', 'Restoration ID' and 'Use storybosard id as restoration id' properties
    • The 'Identity' panel shows up for Custom NSObjects again
    • Many minor performance improvements for common situations like opening a storyboard, syncing the generated code and re-rendering after changing a property.
    • Improved rendering accuracy for NSNotificationCategory
    • It is now possible to use drag and drop on the design surface to re-order UITableViewCells

    DWP handshake assertion

    Please make sure that the following project property is NOT checked: Project -> Properties -> Android Options -> "Use Fast Deployment (debug mode only)"

    Update to latest NuGet Package Manager (2.8.3+) is required

    Updating to the latest version of  Microsoft NuGet Package Manager, which is compatible with Xamarin.iOS Unified API, is required. It can be updated from the Visual Studio Extension Manager.
    More information is available in the following Visual Studio Gallery's links:

    Xamarin Workbook

    If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.