Xamarin 3.8

Xamarin 3.8

Xamarin 3.8 updates Xamarin.iOS 8.4 and Xamarin.Android 4.20 releases, and support for iOS 8.1 development.

New Features

  • Support for Xamarin.Android 4.20
  • Integrated support for Xamarin Profiler:
  • Enable an Android Project to be instrumented from Visual Studio Project Properties - Android Options.
  • Start a profiling session from Visual Studio. It's required to have the Xamarin Profiler install path configured.
  • Do not copy unnecessary files from Visual Studio to the Build Host during build.
  • Improved compatibility support for Xamarin.Forms templates:
  • Do not unfold the Windows Phone client app if the WP SDK 8.0 is not installed (or if using VS 2010, which cannot create WP 8.0 applications)
  • In incompatible scenarios, change the target Portable Profile to "Profile7" instead of "Profile78" to have a working solution.
  • Do not install Xamarin.Forms Shared Projects templates into VS2012 and VS2010 where it's not supported.
  • On VS2010, if the Portable Tools are not installed, we're now informing the user that it needs to be installed in order to create a Xamarin.Forms project (otherwise PCL projects are not supported).
  • On VS2013, only unfold the Xamarin.Forms Shared Project template if it's supported, otherwise we let the user know the need of updating Visual Studio.

Xamarin Designer for iOS

  • Constraints can now be made 'Outlets' and they can also be made Custom Classes.
  • The 'Indicator Insets' property of UIScrollView can now be edited correctly in the property panel
  • Several property panel issues with UITextField have been fixed
  • Prevented selection markers from being left permanently on the design surface
  • Improved layout guide support in UIContainerView
  • Fixed an issue changing a segue to be 'Model' via the property panel
  • Fixed a bug where setting UITableViewCells to Left Detail, Right Detail or Subtitle would prevent Xcode from opening the storyboard.
  • Fixed a bug opening legacy storyboards which have not been upgraded to at least Xcode 5.0 format.
  • The freeform size metrics editor can now set Width/Height values greater than 1.
  • Images being rendered on the design surface will no longer vanish if other images are added/removed from the project
  • Several stability enhancements have been committed to make the designer more robust when Xcode 6 is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Rename of entitlements Key and Prefix for iCloud Containers on projects targeting iOS 8 and later.
  • Fixed Bug 23743 - Illegal Character in Path when trying to open iOS Application panel on iOS project properties.
  • Fixed Bug 23731 - Absent Info.plist causes Visual Studio to crash when switching between iOS project property tabs.
  • Fixed Bug 23733 - Visual Studio crashes when Entitlements.plist is checked into TFS.
  • Fixed Bug 23353 - "No Devices Attached" shows in Visual Studio's iOS Toolbar when iOS device is connected to computer.
  • Fixed "IBToolTask" error on Mac Build Host due to an Ibtool warning "The connection to service named com.apple.nsurlstorage-cache was invalidated."
  • Fixed Bug 21202 - Build Host pairing issue in the Mac due to an invalid System_Profiler addin (most cases reported after updating to Yosemite).
  • Fixed Bug - Detect and inform if the configured XCode SDK path in Visual Studio doesn't match the path on the Mac. 
  • Fixed Bug - Visual Studio does not show warning, if Target Android version is lower than minimum android version.
  • Fixed Bug 21284 - Make license refresh process delete licenses in %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\ProgramData\Mono*
  • Fixed Bug 23868 - Incorrect values in UIScreen.MainScreen.Bounds
  • Fixed Bug 23635 - Unified build folder sandboxing for MacOSX build host files copy.
  • Fixed Bug 24492 - Storyboard not rendered in iOS Designer
  • Fixed Bug 19312 - iOS Project supported architecture dropdown is greyed out.

Known Issues

  • If your Android project was targeting the Android L Preview, you'll need to update your Android XML manifest to change version information from L to 21. Additionally, you should retarget your project's framework to use version 5.0 or, alternatively, set it to use the latest available framework version.

Update to latest NuGet Package Manager (2.8.3+) is required

Updating to the latest version of  Microsoft NuGet Package Manager, which is compatible with Xamarin.iOS Unified API, is required. It can be updated from the Visual Studio Extension Manager.
More information is available in the following Visual Studio Gallery's links:

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.