Xamarin.Forms 1.0.1

Important Notes

  • Android ListView performance improved significantly when using ViewCell. More improvements in the works.
  • Xamarin.Forms.Platform.WinPhone.ButtonRenderer now public instead of internal.
  • Pages added to MasterDetailPage.Master must have their Icon property set or an exception will be thrown when adding.
  • Android ActionBar no longer uses a gradient
  • EntryCell.Text property is now a default TwoWay binding
  • Stepper.Value is now a default TwoWay binding
  • More API documentation has been added
  • ConcurrentDictionary is no longer exposed in the API

Bug Fixes

  • Easing.BounceIn now plays in the correct direction
  • [Xaml] Creation of non-primitives (e.g. Color) from a string now works
  • [iOS] Picker types now receive and respond to focus events/methods correctly
  • [Andorid] Picker types now receive and respond to focus events/methods correctly
  • [Xaml] No longer fail on clr-namespace (allow using external libs correctly)
  • TimePicker.FormatProperty declaration no longer declares as a child of DatePicker
  • TabbedPage and CarouselPage children now settable in XAML without using
  • [Android] CarouselPage now properly selects the first page when requested.
  • [Windows Phone] Popping a modal page while the master page of MasterDetailPage is open no longer leaves the master page open.
  • [iOS] Setting button background color on iOS 6 no longer leaves the top part of the default border in place
  • [iOS] No longer crash on empty icon path in ToolbarItem
  • [Windows Phone] Properly handled queued pushes at app startup
  • [Android] ActionBar no longer clobbers theme background drawable
  • [Android] Several memory leaks plugged
  • [iOS] Labels no longer truncate when relayed out in a constrained layout such as a Grid
  • [Android] SearchBar now reacts to focus members correctly
  • [Android] SearchBar no longer auto-focuses causing keyboard to display
  • ImageSource now correctly converts absolute path strings into FileImageSource's
  • [iOS] NavigationBar hidden/shown transition now incredibly more smooth
  • [iOS] EntryCell.IsEnabled works

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.