Xamarin.Forms 1.2.0


  • Page.DisplayAlert() now has an overload to specify a single button.
  • Page.Icon, ToolbarItem.Icon and NavigationPage.TitleIcon are now FileImageSource.
  • MultiPage<T> now has a CurrentPageChanged event.
  • Editor now has a Completed event.
  • Button.BorderWidth is now a double.
  • NavigationPage now has BarTextColor and BarBackgroundColor which replaces Tint.
  • VisualElement now provides TranslationX and TranslationY.
  • [XAML] OnPlatform can now be used with Image.Source without having to specify FileImageSource.
  • [XAML] {Binding} can now be used to create the binding for ListView.GroupDisplayBinding (rather than applying a binding to the GroupDisplayBinding property.)
  • [Binding] Bindings now will automatically convert types where possible.
  • VisualElement now supports TranslateX and TranslateY. These properties allow you to translate a view post layout, enabling easy creation of slide-in/slide-out style effects for views without having to write a custom layout.


  • Font properties are now exposed.
  • FontAttributes has been introduced starting with Bold and Italic.
  • BoldSystemFontOfSize is now deprecated in favor of SystemFontOfSize which uses FontAttributes.


  • CancelAnimations should now properly cancel LayoutTo, TranslateTo, RotateYTo and RotateXTo.
  • [Binding] Bindings now respect a null or String.Empty property name from INotifyPropertyChanged as an update to all properties.
  • [XAML] x:Reference and x:StaticResource may now be used before the referenced item is declared.
  • [XAML] Single Grid column/row definitions in XAML are now properly respected.
  • [XAML] Literals are now parsed with InvariantCulture.
  • [XAML] A code-behind field will no longer be generated for ToolbarItem.Name.
  • [Android] PushModal and PopModal now animate.
  • [Android] Context is valid after Init() has been called.
  • [Android] Button.BackgroundColor no longer leaks memory.
  • [Android] Bindings before SetPage() is called should no longer throw NullReferenceException.
  • [iOS] ListView will no longer scroll to the top of the page when the SelectedItem is cleared.
  • [iOS] Label will now revert to the default font if the given one could not be found, instead of crashing.
  • [iOS] ListView.HasUnevenRows now properly respected.
  • [WP] EntryCell now properly respects Disabled.
  • [WP] ScrollView horizontal scrolling now works properly.

Xamarin Workbook

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