Xamarin.Forms 1.2.2

API Changes

  • NavigationPage.Get/SetTitleIcon takes a FileImageSource and not a string (as was intended). This was an oversight.

Bug Fixes

  • [All] ImageCell and Button properly update image which image source changes.
  • [Core] There is now a better exception thrown if an Element with a parent is attempted to be used in a PushAsync operation.
  • [Core] Fix crash when ShortNameBinding set but not grouping enabled
  • [Core] navPage.Navigation.PopToRoot now works as expected
  • [Core] ImageCell.ImageSource changes now are reflected in the UI.
  • [Core] Grid now correctly does a re-layout if its columns or rows change.
  • [Android] ToolbarItems set on a NavigationPage should now show up.
  • [Android] Button text no longer will randomly re-align to the left side of the screen
  • [Android] Reported wrong minimum size for most controls, causing layout issues
  • [Android] ActionBar no longer wrongly shows up action when navigation page is not navigated
  • [Android] MasterDetailPage no longer crashes when re-shown with retained master
  • [Android] Fix issue where toolbar items sometimes didn't show up
  • [Android/iOS] Map reported wrong size request
  • [Android] SwitchCell no longer leaves phantom switches in ListView
  • [Android] Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException with ListView when grouping.
  • [Android] Fixed NullReferenceException from SetActionBarTextColor () when there's no ActionBar.
  • [Android] ListView no longer mixes up cell order after a layout change.
  • [Android] VisualElement.Opacity works again properly.
  • [Android] Page and Cell Disappearing events is now raised more reliably.
  • [Android] Tapping back while the page animation is still playing no longer crashes.
  • [Android] Several memory leaks plugged.
  • [iOS] Fix crash when assigning to ListView.Source after being unrealized
  • [iOS] ActionSheets should no longer double trigger if the root page gets re-assigned
  • [WP] Geocoder backend now returns actual address strings
  • [WP] Fix issue where toolbar items sometimes didn't show up
  • [XAML] Fixed an issue with StaticResource lookup in data templates.
  • [XAML] Using x:Name inside of a DataTemplate no longer triggers errant fields in g.cs file
  • [XAML] x:TypeArguments now works at root level, fixing generic subclassing from XAML

Xamarin Workbook

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