Xamarin.Forms 1.3.3 pre1


  • Deeply nested Grid performance enhanced

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 20798 - ListView TextCell.DetailProperty only wraps on Android
  • Bug 24777 - jobject must not be IntPtr.Zero exception when replacing Content of a Page
  • Bug 26214 - On Android, InputTransparent=true does not work with ScrollView
  • Bug 22673 - Initially hidden BoxView when made visible does not render (but does take up space in the UI)
  • Bug 25703 - Webview waits to load the content until webviews on previous pages are loaded
  • Bug 26139 - Navigation.RemovePage() still shows the back button on Android
  • Bug 26304 - System.ArgumentNullException thrown when moving items in an ObservableCollection that is observed by a ListView
  • Bug 26064 - ListView, ImageCell and disabled source cache and same image url leads to degraded performance
  • Bug 26121 - Android ListView.ScrollTo doesn't work when ListView inside TabbedPage
  • Bug 26501 - Context Actions cause views to be hidden on iOS after re-use
  • Bug 23585 - [Android] ListView not updated when ObservableCollection is modified

Other Fixes

  • [Core] CarouselPage now has more informative error when used without Children
  • [Android] BoldItalic text now works as expected
  • [Android] HeaderCells no longer tapable in TableView
  • [Android] Fix NullReferenceException when re-using ListView on second page
  • [iOS] SearchBar cancel button hides if there is nothing to clear
  • [iOS] EntryCell Completed event fires twice
  • [iOS] Fix potential crash with Editor inside of a ScrollView
  • [iOS] Fix potential crash when ScrollView is inside of ViewCell
  • [iOS] Fix issue where ContextActions could end up out of order
  • [WP] Keyboard action for search does not match other platforms
  • [Xaml] Text as content property now properly trims whitespace
  • [Xaml] Duplicate x:Name's throw a more informative error now
  • [Xaml] Better error on Type mismatch for

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