Xamarin.Forms 1.3.4

Important Notes

This release contains an updated StackLayout layout engine. While this update passes all internal tests and deviated very little from the original layout logic, it is significant enough it is being called out. If you find new issues with your stack layouts please file a bug.


  • Reduce memory transactions when scrolling ListViews
  • Navigation push/pops will now auto-queue if done before the last one completes. This helps handle some race conditions.
  • iOS Dynamic cell sizing support

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 26809 - ToolbarItem not refreshing its name.
  • Bug 25897 - Java.Lang.IllegalStateException when using a ScrollView in a StackLayout of a ViewCell
  • Bug 26573 - AbsoluteLayout.LowerChild(view) not working on Windows Phone
  • Bug 26616 - iOS 1.3.2: NavigationPage.RemovePage not working correctly
  • Bug 25897 - Java.Lang.IllegalStateException when using a ScrollView in a StackLayout of a ViewCell
  • Bug 20738 - "Out of memory" error when implementing a button, building to device and rotating screen multiple times
  • Bug 25694 - Xaml binding on ToolbarItem.Text fails
  • Bug 21478 - Slider in ScrollView is not draggable
  • Bug 25787 - [Windows ] Date Picker is not working properly on windows phone.
  • Bug 25935 - Android WebView height incorrect using CSS 100 percent
  • Bug 22673 - Initially hidden BoxView when made visible does not render (but does take up space in the UI)
  • Bug 26614 - [Android] Image within custom renderer fails to display
  • Bug 26757 - StackLayout not handling children height correctly causing overlapped views.
  • Bug 25932 - WebView height returned by JQuery incorrect on Android API 19 and up
  • Bug 25328 - [Android] WebView Renderer does not render a
    with fixed position
  • Bug 21862 - Software keyboard does not show up when we set Focus for Entry in Android

Other Fixes

  • Fix regression from 1.3.3 where Unfocus did not work on Android.
  • No longer crash if UINavigationBar.Appearance is used when NavigationPage.BarTextColor is set.
  • SearchBar.CancelButtonColor now works on Android
  • Picker.Focus now works on Windows Phone
  • Xaml now supports setting multiple triggers into a style.
  • x:Type markup syntax now works correctly for DataTrigger
  • Stack overflow when re-ordering tabs on iOS (tab re-ordering disabled by default)
  • iOS ViewCell re-use can fail if re-used to view with a different hierarchy

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.