Xamarin.Forms 1.4.1 pre1

Back to our regularly scheduled bug grind.


  • Secondary toolbar items on iOS now have a disabled appearance

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 27782 - Hard crash, as soon as a item in a ListView is selected and then changed
  • Bug 27765 - Labels misaligned inside of ViewCells (and everything else actually)
  • Bug 26418 - [Android] ListView does not update when the bound ObservableCollection changes
  • Bug 27304 - Toggling IsVisible for an element in a Grid row does not update properly
  • Bug 27625 - ListView cell with multiple labels height crops content
  • Bug 27085 - EntryCell has no possibility to hide keyboard on iOS
  • Bug 26771 - [Android] jobject must not be IntPtr.Zero when Navigation.PushAsync after resuming app
  • Bug 27301 - Bug in ToolbarTracker.UntrackTarget
  • Bug 26487 - WebView local files fail within WinPhone
  • Bug 24484 - NavigationRenderer.ParentingViewController breaks things

Other Fixes

  • Switch.IsToggled on Android no longer resets bindings by mistake.
  • Fix potential crash in iOS WebView

Xamarin Workbook

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