Xamarin.Forms 1.4.3

Changes from 1.4.2


  • Android ActivityIndicator Color property now works for Android 5.0+
  • WinPhone 8.0 ActivityIndicator Color property now works
  • [WinRT] Now properly supports Color.Accent
  • [WinRT] Assorted performance and correctness fixes
  • [WinRT] PageRenderer.OnElementChanged is now virtual
  • [Android] Properly support DatePicker.MinimumDate and DatePicker.MaximumDate
  • [Xaml] Speed up parsing/understand of predefined colors by removing reflection
  • [Docs] Add documentation for missing summaries
  • [Core] Binding now supports binding to dynamic objects, such a json objects.

API Changes

Xamarin.Forms.ItemsView now contains a protected virtual void UnhookContent (TVisual content) method. This method is used for unhooking or otherwise cleaning content after usage. While the risk is low, this can be a breaking change for you app if you happen to have provided a method with the same name and the same parameters on a subclass of ItemsView, e.g. ListView. Please check your code if this is the case.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 31029 - [Windows Phone 8.1]Generating an Image via MemoryStream does not appear
  • Bug 30935 - NullReferenceException in ViewRenderer (Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android)
  • Bug 30861 - Entry text has wrong default value on Android
  • Bug 30251 - MasterDetail page's right area of detail page cannot receive touch on spit mode
  • Bug 30169 - Compiled form with a dynamic resource reference throws a BindableObject:SetDynamicResource exception
  • Bug 30074 - Multiple DataTriggers on same data bound property don't always trigger (XAML)
  • Bug 29861 - latest pre-release screws up breakpoint debugging
  • Bug 29508 - [WinPhone] Clicking back button twice quickly form second page to exit app causes app to crash.
  • Bug 29453 - Navigation.PopAsync(false) in Entry.Completed handler => System.ArgumentException
  • Bug 29363 - Pushing and then popping a page modally in succession causes an exception.
  • Bug 29344 - Fix crash in messaging center / unsubscribe on callback - TableView Collection was modified enumeration operation may not execute
  • Bug 29270 - Xamarin.Forms OpenGlView is broken
  • Bug 29247 - iOS Device.OpenUri breaks with encoded params
  • Bug 29229 - Fix crash on ListView on Windows Phone
  • Bug 29128 - If VerticalOptions not explicitly set on a Slider on Android, the two parts of the Slider are separated when drawn
  • Bug 29107 - ScrollView text overlaps
  • Bug 29017 - Pin Clicked does not fire (iOS at least)
  • Bug 28952 - NullReferenceException when setting MainPage for first time in OnStart
  • Bug 28901 - WebView not allowing DOM Storage
  • Bug 28821 - Application crashes when ContentPage in TabbedPage has its IsVisible property set to false.
  • Bug 28796 - Crash on Tab change
  • Bug 28765 - Slider Value property binds OneWay by default
  • Bug 28689 - Xaml: Type argument mandatory for x:Array extension
  • Bug 28575 - listview header set to null
  • Bug 28545 - AbsoluteLayout attributes don't work in a style
  • Bug 28335 - NRE when pushing/popping a page quickly
  • Bug 28045 - [Android] ImageRenderer assumes that the control is a FormsImageView
  • Bug 28001 - TabbedPage: invisible tabs are not Disposed
  • Bug 27968 - Resource dictionary throws an Exception when inheriting from a subclass of ContentPage
  • Bug 27779 - Xamarin.Forms.ReadOnlyListAdapter.IndexOf throws NotImplementedExcpetion
  • Bug 27661 - ViewCell IsEnabled set to false does not disable a cell in a TableView
  • Bug 27606 - MasterDetailPage Detail is interactive even when Master is open when in Landscape
  • Bug 27537 - DatePicker control does not behave as other picker controls
  • Bug 27526 - Type ConstraintExpressionExtension not found in xmlns
  • Bug 27270 - Add GeneratedCodeAttribute to generated partial classes
  • Bug 27229 - Failure with SetBinding / [C] Allow Convert in path expressions
  • Bug 26455 - Color GetHashCode returns wrong results
  • Bug 26418 - [Android] ListView does not update when the bound ObservableCollection changes
  • Bug 25845 - Unhandled exception finalizing ListViewAdapter on Android
  • Bug 25662 - Setting IsEnabled does not disable SwitchCell in Forms listview
  • Bug 25400 - XAML x:TypeArguments does not support nested generic types
  • Bug 24910 - Nullable properties throw Property not found exception
  • Bug 24871 - Picker value doesn't get updated when Android "reuses" an old control
  • Bug 24258 - Xamlg issue when declaring generics separated by a space
  • Bug 21744 - Carousel Page iOS CurrentPage bug
  • Bug 28364 - Listview.FooterTemplate cause NullReferenceException
  • Bug 28345 - Android crash on listview press hold and swipe
  • Bug 28191 - Java.Lang.NullPointerException in TabbedPage
  • Bug 28119 - Disabling Editor in iOS does not disable entry of text
  • Bug 27234 - ViewCell background conflicts with ListView Semi-Transparent and Transparent backgrounds
  • Bug 28242 - CarouselPage Disappearing event does not fire on Android
  • Bug 27951 - Sample 'WorkingWithListviewNative' throw Exception on Xam.Android project.
  • Bug 27976 - [Android] MasterDetail NavigationDrawer Does Not Hide On DoubleTap of Item
  • Bug 28424 - [Android][WinPhone] When setting the minimum and maximum date for a date picker, only allow valid dates to be seen/selected from the DatePicker dialog.
  • Bug 27766 - On Android, button background is not updated when color changes
  • Bug 27689 - GroupHeaderCells disappear when item is removed from a group in ListView (iOS only)
  • Bug 29158 - XF for WP8.1RT - BeginInvokeOnMainThread generates NullReferenceException
  • Bug 28390 - ListView - jump list always shows on WPhone, even without GroupShortNameBinding

Other Fixes

  • [Android] - Right edge of MasterDetailPage on tablet now handles touches
  • [WinRT] - First page of TabbedPage doesn't show up until a move or swipe
  • [WinRT] - ListView.ItemTapped does not fire for already selected items
  • [WinRT] - ListView now support tapping on the same item multiple times
  • [WinRT] - ListView supports selected color
  • [WinRT] - CellControl unloads cell directly rather using DataContext as Cell
  • [iOS] - Fix UserLocation showing as Pin
  • [Packaging] - Fix a minor packaging issue
  • [Core] - ListView no longer leaks cells for items that have been removed from the ItemsSource
  • [Core] Fix corner case where PushModalAsync could end up pushing pages in the wrong order.
  • [WinRT] Page.Disappearing now works correctly
  • [WinRT] NavigationPage.Padding now respected correctly
  • [WinRT] Various fixes for Page.IsBusy
  • [WinRT] TabbedPage no correctly lays out children
  • [Android] ScrollTo no longer off by one in ListView using Headers
  • [Android] Fix crash when using non-existent image as the Icon for a ToolbarIcon
  • [Android] Add some missing warning messages
  • [Android] Fix crash with malformed ViewCells
  • [iOS] Default Keyboard now matches platform default
  • [iOS] Fix crash when dismissing popover from ContextActions

There are additional internal fixes and correctness changes. If your bug is not listed here please re-verify against this release. Unfortunately due to the number of issues resolved we are certain we missed some compiling the notes, we apologize.

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