Xamarin.Forms 1.4.4

Important Notes

Your Xamarin.Forms.Cell may receive null as its BindingContext during the cleanup procedure. This helps unhook bindings and fix some potential memory leaks. If your Xamarin.Forms.Cell is overriding OnBindingContextChanged please ensure it properly handles null.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 31816 - Gap between Header and contents of listview increases every time listview is displayed via IsVisible. New in XF 1.4.3
  • Bug 31661 - Button Image is scaled incorrectly
  • Bug 31608 - Xamarin.Forms RowDefinition Binding does not work
  • Bug 31561 - Back button used to navigate back does not maintain hidden button on destination page
  • Bug 31529 - MarkupExpression parser doesn't work with extra whitespaces
  • Bug 31482 - On a Nexus 7, if you start the app in landscape mode, than Device.Idiom reports Phone instead of Tablet.
  • Bug 31395 - Crash when switching MainPage and using a Custom Render
  • Bug 31324 - Using a x:Name in a style on the xaml resources side causes controls to be created in the generated file.
  • Bug 31207 - Global styles (including built-in ones) extend pages lifetime causing a memory leak
  • Bug 31094 - setting picker.selectedindex to -1 visualize item with selected index 0
  • Bug 30835 - Navigating to and from the Carousel page with MasterDetail page creates an Out of memory exception
  • Bug 30835 - (Outofmemory) Navigating to and from the Carousel page with MasterDetail page creates an Out of memory exception
  • Bug 30754 - Drag causing tap event
  • Bug 30094 - Issue with TapGestureRecognizer on Android
  • Bug 29501 - [Windows] "The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context" error when building Windows app
  • Bug 29290 - ViewCell exception on WinPhone
  • Bug 29287 - Attempt to get attributes for class derived from Xamarin Forms ContentPage throws in 1.4.2
  • Bug 29214 - Setting button as visible with IsVisible causes text layout options to be ignored
  • Bug 29184 - Group Header Text Font Color in ListView
  • Bug 28939 - Entry Control loses cursor position to either beginning or end of input
  • Bug 28719 - Triggers inside DataTemplate give XAML runtime error
  • Bug 28520 - Windows Phone RT ListView ItemSelected event & SelectedItem property only fires once
  • Bug 28312 - When Master page is open, on rotating the device it does not update the rendering
  • Bug 27502 - Content of a ViewCell disappears when it's selected in a ListView
  • Bug 27412 - Keyboard remains visible on Android after setting Focus to an entry and then leaving the app using Home button
  • Bug 27378 - Navigation.InsertPageBefore causes AurgumentException only on Windows Phone
  • Bug 27314 - Button text alignment changes after button is pressed
  • Bug 27281 - Android - Button Text Alignment not correct after navigation from TabbedPage
  • Bug 27119 - WindowsPhone DisplayActionSheet does not await
  • Bug 27095 - SwitchCell behaves different from TextCell
  • Bug 27085 - EntryCell has no possibility to hide keyboard on iOS
  • Bug 26783 - [iOS] - Scrolling causes animations to pause
  • Bug 26696 - Android - Button text alignment changes on Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Bug 26171 - Xamarin.Forms.Maps is not updating VisibleRegion property when layout is changed
  • Bug 26032 - ListView ItemTapped doesn't get called for the selected item
  • Bug 25979 - Removing page from Navigation stack throws System.ArgumentException
  • Bug 24574 - GestureRecognizer not firing for double tap. (Now works for single and double tap. For more than that we'd have to start implementing our own gesture detector.)
  • Bug 24054 - BindableObject.ApplyBindings is broken when the old bindingcontext was null

Other Fixes

  • [Core] Some memory leaks plugged
  • [Core] Remove some cases where first chance exceptions were being thrown to make debugging easier
  • [Core] Grid RowDefinition/ColumnDefinition can now be set with a Style
  • [WinRT] Fix potential crasher on ListView item selection
  • [iOS] Fix issue where ListView.Header could grow without bound in some situations

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.