Xamarin.Forms 2.2.0-pre1

New Features

Updated Google Package Dependencies

Xamarin.Forms on Android now depends on GooglePlayServices for maps and Xamarin.Android.Support.v4 (and friends) at


Adding margin support is intended to allow users to reduce the overall depth of their layout hierarchies by allowing more complex layouts with fewer wrapping views. public Thickness Margin { get; set; }

UWP Maps

UWP Maps are now supported, just like other platforms.


CarouselView is intended to fully replace CarouselPage. CarouselPage will be deprecated in a future release. CarouselView is superior in many ways, including its ability to be virtualized and nested within layouts.

Nest platform controls to Forms layout

Allows adding platform-specific controls (iOS, Android, and Windows) directly to a Forms layout. Note: this isn't available from PCL and requires #if defines to work from a shared project.

2D ScrollView Support

scrollView.Orientation = ScrollOrientation.Both

AutomationId Support

Xamarin.Forms now has first class support for setting automation identifiers for usage with Xamarin UITest or other testing frameworks. Simply setting the AutomationID property should allow the automation framework to find and interact with your controls.

Bug Fixes

  • 21177 - Using a UICollectionView in a ViewRenderer results in issues with selection.
  • 21699 - WebView does not propagate its BindingContext to its Source
  • 23393 - [All platforms] PropertyChangedEventHandler causes 2 consecutive calls to changed property's getter
  • 25234 – WP8 - Light theme status bar disappears after DisplayAlert
  • 25662 - Setting IsEnabled does not disable SwitchCell in Forms listview
  • 27350 - Binding throws Null Pointer Exception when Updating Tab
  • 27417 - Button.Image behaviors differently on each platform and has extra padding even with no Text
  • 28628 - Reuse of cell containing an Image that are async loaded will display the previous image.
  • 28709 - Application.Properties saving crash
  • 31670 - On WinRT, BackgroundColor of Button is used to paint outside the border of Buttons with rounded corners
  • 32462 - Crash after a page disappeared if a ScrollView is in the HeaderTemplate property of a ListView
  • 33181 - InitializeComponent() method call in XAML code behind page constructor "does not exist in current context" (IntelliSense error)
  • 33240 - IOS ListViewRenderer.Dispose() should dispose header and footer
  • 34055 - Listview with custom CellView render error on iOS9 landscape iPad
  • 35407 - jobject muste not be IntPtr.Zero with Animation
  • 36479 - [WP] Picker Is Not Disabled When IsEnabled is Set To False
  • 36788 - [Forms] Truncation Issues with Relative Layouts
  • 36850 - ProgressBar BackgroundColor not working in iOS
  • 37113 - MasterDetailPage swipe gesture doesn't work after IsGestureEnabled is toggled
  • 37625 - App crashes when quickly adding/removing Image views (Windows UWP)
  • 37841 - [Forms Android] TableView EntryCell's and TextCell's cease to update after focus change
  • 38112 - [Forms][Android] Switch disappearing from TableView ViewCell on Android only
  • 38193 - OpenGLViewRenderer crashes when leaving the page.
  • 38416 - ListView Sized Incorrectly After Containing Layout's Visibility is Toggled
  • 38658 - Rotation causes app containing carousel page to freeze
  • 38978 - Cell.ForceUpdateSize issues with row selection/deselection on Android
  • 39039 - Toggling Grouping on Listview + ListViewCaching.RecycleElement Sometimes Doesnt Render Group Header
  • 39104 - iOS Navigation.ModalStack not the same as Android and Windows
  • 39239 - Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.FontExtensions.ToScaledPixel missing case for NamedSize.Default
  • 39327 - Application.Current.Properties does not persist on Android
  • 39331 - [Android] BoxView Is InputTransparent Even When Set to False
  • 39342 - NullReference Exception when attempting to push a new page
  • 39359 - Image View does cache failed HTTP responses
  • 39377 - ListView.Footer not update iOS
  • 39378 - Image binding with caching not operating as expected
  • 39395 - SwitchCell does not take all available place inside ListView
  • 39403 - [Android] Forms 2.1.0, Switching tabs that have NavigationPages throws: Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: Recursive entry to executePendingTransactions
  • 39409 - SearchBar.SearchCommand does not respect CanExecute
  • 39447 - [Windows Phone 8.1] Images not rendered in ListView unless explicit size set
  • 39449 - UWP: Dependency attribute in 3rd party assemblies
  • 39450 - [Forms] ListView item shrinks / resizes when removing then adding Context Action in ViewCell OnBindindContextChanged.
  • 39451 - Unable to activate instance of type Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ListViewAdapter from native handle
  • 39458 - [UWP/WinRT] Cannot Set CarouselPage.CurrentPage Inside Constructor
  • 39461 - UWP: Labels within a ScrollView are blurred
  • 39463 - [WP8.0] Items not showing in ListView using DataTemplate when there are more items than can fit on screen.
  • 39464 - [UWP Forms] Rounded Button Corners do not render in Forms (but do in native UWP
  • 39476 - [Forms] Selecting item in ListView and scrolling with RecycleElement results in more items selected.
  • 39483 - ListView Context Menu localization
  • 39495 - MasterDetail missing Navigation Bar Windows RT
  • 39506 - Effects.Clear does not detach the effect.
  • 39509 - Setting Page Content doesn't work
  • 39548 - CarouselPage does not work in UWP on Windows 10 Mobile
  • 39566 - System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one matching element
  • 39624 - [UWP] CarouselPage.Children Appear Out of Order
  • 39668 - Overriding ListView.CreateDefault Does Not Work on Windows
  • 39702 – Cannot enter text when Entry is focus()'d from an editor completed event
  • 39721 - "Failed to add reference to 'Xamarin.Forms.Core.Design'" when adding XF NuGet in Windows 81 project
  • 39742 - OnAppearing not triggered if coming back after leaving Android app via home button
  • 39815 - ScrollView is overlapping other content in StackLayout on Android
  • 39829 - RowHeight of ListView is not working for UWP
  • 39831 - MasterDetailPage showing back button instead of Icon in landscape mode (Tablet only)
  • 39853 - BorderRadius ignored on UWP
  • 39870 - Xamarin.Forms.Maps Geocoder GetPositionsForAddressAsync always returns an empty set on Android
  • 39896 - StreamImageSource Streams Aren't Disposed

Other Fixes

  • Resolve crash when serializing properties.
  • [Core] Resolve issue where binding to a bound property would invalidate the second binding
  • [Core] Resolve issue where template bindings resolve the the wrong templated parent in some nesting scenarios
  • [Android] Make sure not to update image bitmap in background thread
  • [Android] Fix potential crash in OnLayout after resume
  • [Android] Fix bug with ActivityIndicator default color on Lollipop+
  • [Android] Fix NRE in OnScroll method in android
  • [Android] Fix crash when pressing back to exit the app
  • [Android] Change Forms class to accept Context type arguments and upcast to Activity as necessary.
  • [iOS] Fix crash when visiting website with weird URL handling
  • [iOS] Fix crash in VisualElementPackager if re-used on same element
  • [RT] Make sure editor has wrapping enabled
  • [RT] Add missing binding for SearchBox text
  • [UWP] Invalidate Image when loaded in a way which Grid won't ignore
  • [UWP] Make sure Scrollview measures child inside of measure call
  • [UWP] Make sure we dont construct a negative value size
  • [UWP] Fix UWP bug where app bar icon color is ignored on modal NavigationPages
  • [UWP] Fix more instances of Layout Cycle detected
  • Many other minor bug fixes

Known Issues

  • CarouselView can sometimes fail to display content on Android
  • CarouselView programmatic moving of index broken
  • SearchBar.SearchCommand will crash when set to non Xamarin.Forms.Command ICommand.
  • Tapping a BoxView or Frame in a ViewCell will not trigger selection

Important notes

  • When upgrading Xamarin.Forms take care not to simply "update all" as that will update the Xamarin.Android.Support packages to an incompatible version. More info here: https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/xamarin-forms/troubleshooting/

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.