Xamarin.Forms 2.3.0-hotfix1


Bug Fixes:

  • 41980 - "TabBar BarTintColor no longer working in"
  • 42032 - "UINavigationBar.Appearance.BarTintColor changes Tab bar color"

Other fixes:

  • Fixed build issues in Cycle6


Bug fixes

36447 - PinchGestureRecognizer Only Works on Android API Level 19+

Other fixes

Fixed build issues



In parallel to this "-pre3" release, Xamarin.Forms.CarouselView 2.3.0-pre1 was also shipped. As the CarouselView's version suggests, it has a dependency on Xamarin.Forms 2.3.0 ("-pre3" or greater).

Bug fixes

40830 - AppLinkEntry.KeyValues collection is always empty 40844 - [Android] Forms Android app gets stuck with GC bridge calls when using current beta branch of Xamarin.Android/Mono Runtime 40866 -[Android] RegisterLink throws an ArgumentException on Android

Other changes

Internals visible for CarouselView




Adding AzureDataSource support by introducing Xamarin.Forms.Pages.Azure nuget.


New Features

Data Pages

Xamarin.Forms DataPages are available as a preview for customers to try and provide feedback. The preview is available in the Xamarin.Forms.Pages nuget package. DataPages provide an API to quickly and easily bind a data source to pre-built views that can be styled with Themes.


Xamarin.Forms Themes are available as a preview for customers to try and provide feedback. A theme is added to a Xamarin.Forms application by including the Xamarin.Forms.Theme.Base Nuget package, plus either an additional package that defines a specific theme (eg. Xamarin.Forms.Theme.Light) or a locally defined theme.

URL Navigation

Deep link directly to any page within your Xamarin.Forms app with URL Navigation.

In order to avoid adding a dependency on GooglePlayServices to the Xamarin.Forms core package, we've created a new Xamarin.Forms.AppLinks nuget package that will be required for this feature to work on the Android platform.

Embedded Native Controls

Embed custom Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android controls in Xamarin.Forms applications.

Other New Features

  • Multiple shared resource dictionaries with implicit styles and/or dynamic resources are now supported
  • Can now set the background and text color of the Tab bar on TabbedPage.
  • Known Issues:
    • [WinRT, WinPhone 8.1, UWP] Setting BarTextColor does not currently work.
    • [WinPhone 8.1, UWP] If the TabbedPage contains a NavigationPage, the BarBackgroundColor and BarTextColor for the NavigationPage takes precedence
    • [WinPhone 8.1] If the TabbedPage contains a NavigationPage, switching between tabs may cause the background color to be lost.
    • [Android] Cannot set BarTextColor back to default after changing it to a non-default color.
  • Can now set TextColor on Picker, TimePicker, DatePicker.

Bugs Fixed

  • 23942 - Cannot bind properties in BindableObjects added to static resources in XAML
  • 33135 - Apps built for Windows 8.1 using XF, fail on Windows 10 release, with System.NotImplementedException
  • 35529 - WebView.Eval throwing a NotImplementedException on WP8.1 (WinRT) (XF
  • 36374 - Xamarin.Forms.Platform.UWP.TabbedPageRenderer.OnElementChanged is not virtual
  • 36955 - [iOS] ViewCellRenderer.UpdateIsEnabled Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • 39636 - Cannot use XamlC with OnPlatform in resources, it throws System.InvalidCastException
  • 39847 - Using MasterDetailPage class as a ExportRenderer does not load in Android
  • 39963 - iOS WebView has wrong scrolling size when loading local html content with images
  • 40096 - Invalid Cast Exception when setting SearchBar Command
  • 40185 - [UWP] ContentPage does not have proper right bounds in landscape

Other Fixes

  • [Android] Fixed issue where accessing Device.IsInvokeRequired on Android resulted in a race condition and possible crash.
  • [Android] Fixed potential crash when styling application
  • [iOS] Fixed issue with WebView dispose and resizing

Important notes

  • When upgrading Xamarin.Forms take care not to simply "update all" as that will update the Xamarin.Android.Support packages to an incompatible version. More info here: https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/xamarin-forms/troubleshooting/

Xamarin Workbook

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