Android Samples

AgendaData Sample

Demonstrates sending calendar events from an Android handheld device to an Android Wear device.

Android Wear Getting Started

Demonstrates how to create your first Xamarin.Android Wear app.

DataLayer Sample

Demonstrates using the wearable APIs to send messages and stream data.

Delayed Confirmation

Demonstrates how to send and receive messages to a connected Wearable using the new Wear APIs.


Demonstrates how a personal assistant may work on a wearable device.


Demonstrates a way to create an app that allows you to use your wear device to find your phone.


Demonstrates how change the color of an android wear device's screen to a flat white color.

Geofencing Wearable Sample

Demonstrates the use of geofencing with wearable devices.

GridViewPager sample

Demonstrates the use of GridViewPager and GridPagerAdapter for Android Wear.

Jumping Jack

Demonstrates the use of the gravity sensor in the Android Wear device.


Demonstrates how to create a quiz between the watch and the mobile device.


Demonstrates sending a list of notifications pages to an Android Wear device, with each page describing a step in a recipe.


Demonstrates the basic outline of a wearable project, including Gridviews on Wearable devices.


Demonstrates using listener services to create three kinds of notifications.


Demonstrates how to automatically select a layout for round or rectangular screens.